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Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, October 22
Brannon Howse: October 22, 2019
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Guest: Dr. Andy Woods. Dr. Woods joins us for another installment of Ask Dr. Woods. Question: Recently, a leading evangelist made the following statement in an article that he penned for Fox News. “Prayer is talking to God. For Christians, this is a privilege given to us through our relationship with the Father through his son Jesus. People of other faiths pray in different ways. And God loves to hear our prayers.” My question is, does God hear the prayers of the unsaved? Question: Does Matthew 10:1 apply to born again believers of today? Can the born-again believers of today cast out demons and heal the sick in Jesus name?? Question: Was Judas saved? Question: What is the meaning of Matthew 7:21-23? Topic: Students are arrested of offensive language based on state law the makes it a crime to offend someone over race, religion or creed. Brannon and Dr. Woods explain how such laws are really about conditioning the public for laws that will prosecute conservatives and Christians for hate speech. Topic: We take your calls.

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Broadcast Archive

Host Wayne Shepherd welcomes you back to “Encounter God’s Truth” from Whitcomb Ministries—where we start with the premise that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end. The 16th-century Reformers believed that, and changed the world of their time on the authority of Scripture alone, as they proclaimed salvation in Christ alone—by grace alone, through faith alone. They wanted their work to point others to the glory of God alone. Yet, we know that the Reformers were unable to bring about a complete transformation of the church in their own lifetimes. In the area of Biblical prophecy, specifically, they failed to fully reform some of the false teachings of the corrupt medieval church. Instead, they adopted and maintained several false doctrines that had been cemented into tradition over the centuries. Joining us over the next two weeks to teach and answer questions related to “The Reformers and Bible Prophecy” is special guest teacher Dr. Andy Woods. Today, he will show us how the Reformers—though they were indeed heroes of the faith—were unable to fully reform the church’s teachings on eschatology, and how that failure has had dramatic implications for the Protestant church all the way down to our time.

Bad is good, good is bad, dark is light, light is dark, bitter is sweet, and sweet is bitter.  In this week's extended boralogue, John highlights speeches from Attorney General Bill Barr, City Journal Editor Myron Magnet, and Queen Elizabeth II of England.  From these speeches, we learn that the world is being turned upside down in pursuit of a narrative.   


Morals and ethics are now considered to be radical positions.  Precepts in the Constitution are ignored in favor of liberal definitions.  If an outcome of an election doesn't go their way, progressive elites will obstruct, even though had the election gone the other way, they would have spoken out against obstruction.  There is no consistency when you don't have a solid foundation to stand on.


Truth is at times being doubted in the church and that is leading to a corruption of the faith. We welcome back Mike LeMay General Manager of Q90FM Radio in Wisconsin to examine how an upside down society is adversely affecting the church.  He also recognizes that Christian persecution is coming, but we need to fight it every step of the way.


Why would wealthy corporations who have benefited under capitalism advocate for socialism?  Author and speaker Michael Rectenwald is back with us to answer that question and discuss his new book, The Google Archipelago.  He goes on to explain why he stepped away from the liberal mindset after his colleagues turned on him.


John’s quote of the week:    

"The social justice that's now being pushed into the Bible churches is simply a repackaging of Marxist ideas covered over with something that looks evangelical.  A lot of the material sounds good and church leaders fall for it.  They fall for it because they don't understand the worldview changes that are underway."


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Follow us on Twitter @steelonsteelpro as well as the Steel on Steel Facebook page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians for the latest information concerning persecuted Christians around the world. Don’t forget to stop by our YouTube channel as well for our latest videos.

The Holy Spirit bestows gifts of service on God’s people. Some teach, some proclaim from the pulpit. Others serve in quiet ways that few will notice. But every Christian has a gift. How can we discover our gifts? And how can we put them to use for God’s glory?

Today Dr. Peter Vincent Pry talks about our 30 to 40 year old nuclear arsenal of which many may not even work. Dr. Pry talks about how Russia and China are on 6th generational warfare technology while we do not have the same technology. The world is become more dangerous for the United States because we don’t have the deterrent we need due to our military weakness.

Climate Change: Nothing New Under the Sun. We are joined by Tom Shepstone (Shepstone Management Company). Topics discussed include: Fake News, Same Old Stuff. The Impact of the Liberal Environmental Agenda. The Green New Deal and the Democrats. Death of Elijah Cummings. Ron Reagan – The Atheist?


Guest: Cliff Kincaid and Jimmy DeYoung. Topic: Cliff Kincaid joins us to inform us that many of the Kurds in Syria are actually Marxists and the founder of their movement was trained by the KGB. They are not worth one drop of American blood. Topic: Dr. DeYoung joins us to discuss these topics: Putin's visit to Saudi Arabia to showcase Putin's growing influence in the Middle East. Topic: Secretary of State Pompeo visits Israel to meet Prime Minister to update the Israeli leaders  on Syria. Topic: Palestinians call for more violence against the Jews to happen daily and claim that the Israeli flag calls for an expanded Israeli State. Topic: We take your calls.

How Islamists presents a deceptive Islam to the west (part 13)

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two Broadcast Partners join him with major reports on different issues  and current events around the world. Dr Don DeYoung, a Scientist and also an Astronomer, gives us insight on three Scientific reports, including a report on twenty new moons recently discovered around Saturn. Don will also reveal how important our moon is in its daily activities. But first, John Rood comes to the Broadcast Table with his European Union Up-date.

Becoming Christ-like involves growing in sensitivity to the Holy Spirit, who wants to create in us the character of Jesus. Sins that seemed so small suddenly seem big, and our desire to please God means saying no to many things that didn’t bother us before.


Dr. Ed Hindson is the founding dean of the School of Divinity and Distinguished Professor of Religion at Liberty University.  He’s the speaker on ‘The King is Coming’ broadcast, an active conference speaker and has served as the editor of five major study Bibles.  He’s the author, co-author or general editor of over 40 books, many on the topic of Bible prophecy including, ‘Can We Still Believe in the Rapture?’ and ’15 Future Events That Will Shake the World.’  

This broadcast featured Dr. Hindson from his appearance at a VCY America rally in September. 

Since we live in a world that is often filled with turmoil, it’s not surprising that over generations there have been some well-meaning individuals who’ve tried to predict the return of Jesus Christ.  While it’s true that we have a responsibility to watch for Christ’s return, at the same time we also have a responsibility to keep our feet on the earth and be busy serving Him until He does come. As Dr. Hindson put it, ‘Don’t fall for people setting dates for the second coming.  They do not know what they’re talking about.’ Jesus himself said that no one knows the day or the hour of His return, not even the angels in heaven.

With that in mind, what evidence does Dr. Hindson claim that Scripture presents to indicate that the days in which we live are surely coming to a close?  He listed and gave support for the following points:  

–The rebirth of the nation of Israel.

–Constant rumors of war in the Middle East.

–The revolt of apostasy.

–The rise of the global economy.

–The reality of weapons of mass destruction.



Have you ever felt wounded when someone said an unkind word to you? Did you know that God is also wounded when you sin? The Bible calls this “grieving the Holy Spirit.” As we mature in the faith, we become ever more sensitive to the Spirit’s presence, and our behavior begins to change.


Dr. Les Ollila is the founder and director of Building Great Leaders.  It’s a ministry providing instruction, encouragement, and resources for Christian leaders.  He’s a former pastor, staff evangelist, and former president of what was then known as Northland Baptist Bible College.  He’s a member of the Board of Directors of VCY America.

Dr. Ollila defined bitterness as a fretted and irritated state of mind that keeps a  person in perpetual animosity. It’s a dissatisfaction that is well developed and robs our soul of contentment.

He did make an important distinction.  He noted that many times discontentment is really bitterness, but it’s not always that way. You see that with Hannah.  She was discontented, yet she prayed out of the bitterness of her soul.  

Another distinction he made was between relational bitterness (like we see in Shimei in his attack on David) and circumstantial bitterness (as we see with Naomi).  

Is there a relationship between anger and bitterness?  Dr. Ollila explained that when you look at Ephesians 4, bitterness and anger are mentioned in the same verse.  So there has to be a connection. In these cases we are quenching/grieving the Spirit while at the same time God tells us to put away bitterness, wrath, anger and evil communication.

When engaged in perpetual animosity, this causes people to be unable to rejoice because their heart is heavy and this can sometimes be traced to a seething bitterness.

This Crosstalk uses the story of Ruth as a case study as it looks at the sources, symptoms, and solution to bitterness, and various sub-points within each of these categories. 

Part Five: In this series Brannon details how America has rolled over for the communists after World War II. Brannon plays clips from a 1970 documentary hosted by anti-communist, American hero John Wayne. Topic: After World War II America went to the negotiations table and gave away nations and lands to the former Soviet Union. Then America refused to support and defend the free and independent state of China and its 700 million citizens. In 1949 the communists carried out the communist revolution in China. America’s cowardice actions set up America for the Korean War and then the Vietnam War and issues we now face with China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and the global red-green axis. Topic: Hear how America was shipping supplies to the U.S.S.R so they could make explosives to kill our on U.S. military. Hear how America could have blocked the North Vietnamese from receiving shipments of guns and explosives from the U.S.S.R. but we would not stop them. Hear the testimony from a Green Beret that lost both his legs from the knees down. He explains how 50% of the men killed or injured during the Vietnam War was because of booby traps with explosives that the U.S. helped the U.S.S.R. develop. Topic: We take your calls. 

Israel Update: Is it Possible? – A Russian, U.S., Middle East Pivot. We are joined by Jimmy DeYoung (Prophecy Today). Topics discussed include: The Middle East Marvels at the U.S. Syrian Retreat. Israel Pivots to Russia for Protection? Russia Plays to Saudi Arabia. Observant Jews Move into Thatched Huts.

How Islamists presents a deceptive Islam to the west (part 12)

Today on PTIB Dave Dolan, a long-time journalist in the Middle East, comes to the PTIB-Broadcast Table to give Jimmy DeYoung and our listeners a MiddleEast News Up-date. Jimmy and Dave will discuss the United States pull-out of all military personnel from Syria, at the order of President Trump; the Turkish invasion of Syria, to kill the Kurds; the relations between the Kurds and the Jews; Prime Minister Netanyahu's statement that Israel may turn to Russia and President Putin, after the US abandons Syria; and Israel ponders a pre-emptive strike on the Iranians cruise missiles, since the Iranians may use these missiles to attack Israel.