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Ozarks 2020

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Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, February 19
Brannon Howse: February 19, 2020
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Today Brannon shares from his heart his great concern about the very dangerous and gut wrenching topic of sex trafficking in the United States. Brannon shares what he has learned after his wife shared some articles with him. Brannon uses this program to encourage parents and grandparents to make their young people aware of what a dangerous world in which we live. Our culture has been flooded with violent movies and pornography that has contributed to the corruption of the mind and heart that is making a way for the sex trafficking industry. Topic: Does our government really want to put an end to sex-trafficking in America? If our government can track down terrorists and drone strike them then why can the same government not more successfully track down the sex rings and shut them down? Are some of America’s top leaders connected to the sex-trafficking ring as many were connected to Jeffrey Epstein? Topic: We take your calls.

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Broadcast Archive

The Coronavirus: What is it? How Bad is it? We are joined by William Parker (Principal of BRI Investing, CEO of Grandview Asset Management) and Dr. Jane Orient (Exec. Director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons). Topics discussed include: The Coronavirus: The Economic Impact, It’s Not Just the Flu, How Bad is it Really? The Best Defense.

Islamophobia and the 2020 Presidential Elections (Program 24)

Jimmy DeYoung, and his Broadcast Partner, Dave James will have their weekly conversation on an issue that is one that faces the Christian community which must have a Biblical bases upon which the individual Christian can move forward in his Christian life-style. Jimmy and Dave will discuss how, when a Christian cast his or her vote for a National political position, they are voting for a political party platform, and not only an individual; how a voter must understand the two major party platforms, and the differences; and how each voter must approach the voting booth with the proper Biblical understanding of all the issues.

This week on "Encounter God's Truth," we begin a tribute to our Bible teacher, Dr. John Whitcomb, who went home to be with His Savior on February 5, 2020, at the age of 95. We know that Dr. Whitcomb is in heaven, although we still certainly miss him here. He leaves behind a large, loving family—and friends all over the world who have been deeply impacted by his rich legacy of teaching the Bible and theology for just shy of 70 years. On today’s program, host Wayne Shepherd takes us back to our very first broadcast to remind us why Dr. Whitcomb decided to launch a national radio ministry in 2011—at age 87. Then we will go back to the July 5, 2011, episode of “Worldview Weekend Radio,” where Dr. Whitcomb completed the first of his more than 100 interviews with Brannon Howse. We are grateful for Brannon's permission to bring you this audio, in which Dr. Whitcomb introduces his life story and testimony. They go on to discuss the subjects of creation and the flood. Dr. Whitcomb believed and taught that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end, as you will hear in this program—the first of a short series done in tribute to him. Whitcomb Ministries invites you to share this important and encouraging broadcast.

From the coronavirus to presidential candidates, Jim had much to present on this week’s edition of the ‘Round-Up.’  Stories included:

–The number of coronavirus cases in China spiked by 15,000 in a single day with now over 60,000 infections.

–Chinese government authorities responding to the virus epidemic had allegedly ordered round-the-clock house to house police searches to take the temperatures of all residents in Wuhan and detain anyone found to be sick or suspected of being sick using force, if necessary, and then warehousing them in enormous quarantine centers. 

–Videos out of China have been described as ‘apocalyptic’ showing workers in Wuhan fighting the virus by spraying city streets with disinfectant.

–Chinese funeral home workers are struggling to keep up with the number of bodies that need to be cremated.

–An adult website is offering free X-rated, live streaming to quarantined cruise ship passengers on ships docked in Japan outside of Hong Kong. 

–The communist Chinese government continues to claim they have the coronavirus under control but a lack of transparency and leaked videos show otherwise.

–Chinese legislators from 2 cities have approved emergency measures that would enable officials to temporarily seize homes, commercial property, public venues and vehicles thought to be contaminated, as well as commanding private businesses to produce any materials deemed necessary in fighting the coronavirus. 

–U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents intercepted a package at Dulles International Airport in Virginia that was filled with small dead birds.

–In recent months, government officials within China have confiscated Bibles from churches and threatened fines as part of an intensified crackdown on Christianity in an effort to eradicate illegal publications.

–Virginia House Democrats complain about pastor who took a firm stand for life and marriage during his invocation.  

–The White House says President Trump is not bothered or deterred after Attorney General William Barr told ABC News that Trump’s ‘tweets’ make it impossible for him to do his job. 

–Nancy Pelosi is ‘hot under the collar’ concerning the president ‘tweeting’ about the long sentence that ‘deep state’ prosecutors suggested for Roger Stone.  She’s promising new investigations into President Trump.

–Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio said that Congress is not doing its job of redistributing income in a fair way.

–Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price resigned from his position after the fiasco that took place following the state’s caucuses.

–Senator Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, catapulting him to the front of the field of primary presidential candidates.

–President Trump complained that CNN and MSNBC were refusing to talk about his record-setting number of voters in New Hampshire and Iowa.

–President Trump took an unannounced trip to Dover Air Base to take part in a somber ‘dignified transfer ceremony’ for two 28 year old soldiers that were killed in Afghanistan.

–A Republican voter registration tent gets rammed in a Walmart parking lot and gets little attention from major media.

–Senator Bernie Sanders reiterated his abortion stance, pledging to enshrine abortion into federal law and give more taxpayer money to the abortion industry.

–If she’s elected, Elizabeth Warren has a plan to weed out the pro-life employees that President Trump appointed to federal agencies.


Guest: Carl Teichrib & Gary Bates: Topic: Carl joins us live from the largest indoor witchcraft convention in America. Carl reports that many of the workshops were on how witchcraft is going mainstream and some of the speakers were happy that evangelicals were embracing aspect of witchcraft. One of the workshops were on how pagans could survive the Trump Presidency. Carl reports that this conference was facing lots of in fighting as the LGBTQ and POC (Pagans of Color) were feeling unwelcome. Apparently the fact that the left are being unkind to minorities and people of color is not news worthy to the liberal press and social justice warriors unless they perceive it as coming from the right. Topic: Gary Bates joins us for an update as on February 14, 2020, Poplar Mechanics had a 41 page report on UFOs and the governments response. Topic: Some within the leadership of America’s military have correctly stated that they believe these UFOs are of an interdimensional nature.

Guest: Dr. Jimmy DeYoung & Olivier Melnick. Topic: Iran's Islamic Republic is a product of the return of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei which 2020 is the 45th Anniversary of. Topic: Palestinian Authority Mufti: Rejection of Trumps Peace Plan is a religious obligation or you betray Allah if you cooperate. Topic: Israeli Defense Force Minister: We are now in the era of the Third Temple Topic: The Sanhedrin - Trees - Trump. Topic: Olivier Melnick joins us discuss some of the most recent stories that show the rise in antisemitism.


Ed Decker, a former Mormon, and now a "born-again, blood-bought, Bible-believing" Christian, comes to the PTIB Broadcast Table to join Jimmy DeYoung for a conversation on Senator Mitt Romney. Jimmy and Ed will discuss, is Mitt Romney, or any other Mormon, a true Bible-believing born-again Christian; Ed will also explain the Romney vote at the Trump Impeachment trial in the United States Senate; and how the Mormon belief is that one day a Mormon political leader will save America from total destruction in our world.

When it comes to the subject of illegal immigration–sanctuary cities, counties and whole states are increasing in number.  Such areas create laws, ordinances, regulations, policies and even practices that obstruct immigration enforcement and shield criminals from Immigration Customs Enforcement.  

Joining Jim to look at these issues, and what’s taking place in general at our borders, was Jessica Vaughan.  Jessica is the Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies with an area of expertise in immigration policy and operations.  Prior to joining the Center she was a Foreign Service Officer with the State Department.

Currently 10 states, 134 counties, and about 34 cities have declared themselves to be sanctuary areas for lawbreakers.  Jessica is alarmed by this because she believes sanctuary policies are a danger to public safety as they inevitably result in the release of criminals who should be deported by ICE.  Instead they are allowed back on America’s streets where they’ve been victimizing others.

Secondly, she feels sanctuary policies generally interfere with the enforcement of immigration laws.  She reminded listeners that it’s Congress that makes immigration laws and the responsibility of the executive branch is to carry them out.  The states don’t have a role in such policy.

Jim then asked if this is what the supremacy clause is all about and Jessica agreed.  She noted that the Constitution says there shall be a uniform rule of naturalization and that means we can’t have 50 immigration laws with states trying to overturn/nullify federal laws.

What’s perhaps most unusual is that even places like the jails of New Mexico County and the Rhode Island Department of Corrections have declared themselves as having sanctuary status.  Jessica indicated that the reason for this is usually political. In the case of New Mexico, she noted that they’re afraid of lawsuits being filed by the ACLU and other ‘open borders,’ ‘anti-enforcement’ organizations.  Such organizations have succeeded in convincing some federal and state judges that the enforcement of immigration is inherently racist and violates the human rights of those in America illegally. The result is that they have persuaded some judges to declare that a local law enforcement agency holding  someone for ICE is a civil rights violation. She believes this will eventually be litigated in the federal court system and won’t hold up under the Constitution.

What impact is this having upon our nation?  Do sanctuary policies really make areas safer?  What are the new actions that Attorney General William Barr has announced against sanctuary jurisdictions?  These and other questions were answered, and listeners had their turn to speak as well, as Jim and Jessica worked their way through this complicated issue.  



Islamophobia and the 2020 Presidential Elections (Program 23)

‘Citizen’ State Legislatures: Challenging Rogue Courts and Liberal Legislatures. We are joined by David New (Constitutional Attorney). Topics discussed include: Headline News. The Case for Initiatives. The Case for Referendums. A Prayer Initiative.

In this program Dr. Woods will briefly survey the seven major heresies or false teachings that are negatively impacting evangelical Christianity from within (Jude 3-4). Learn these trends so you can be equipped for the spiritual battle.

Another Way to Oppose Abortion and Support Life. We are joined by Art Ally (Timothy Plan). Topics discussed include: The Timothy Plan Genesis. Linking Obedience to Blessing. The Nationwide Impact. Prayer.


Islamophobia and the 2020 Presidential Elections (Program 22)

Ken Timmerman will join Jimmy DeYoung at the PTIB Broadcast Table today with a report on geopolitical events happening around the world that may well be setting the stage for the prophetic scenario found in Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. Jimmy and Ken will discuss how the Islamic world is trying to encourage all Islamic Nations to reject the Trump Middle East Peace Plan; how Iran and the Quds Force are working on the rejection of the Plan, as well; the Iranian leaders calling for Islamic Jihad against the Plan; and how the Palestinians are meeting with the UN leaders to defeat the Plan, in this "one-world" political organization in our world today.

Jesus told the disciples that as the good shepherd, He would protect His sheep. But even more, He would give His life for His sheep. This gives believers the security of knowing that, no matter what, they’re in the safe-keeping of the savior.