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Brannon Howse
Aired Wednesday, November 20
Brannon Howse: November 20, 2019
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Guest: Barry Nussbaum joins us to discuss twelve statements he made in a recent speech concerning Islam that CAIR is taking an issue with in a press release. Barry defends everyone of his statements right out of Quran & Hadiths.

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Broadcast Archive

Black America to the Democrat Party: Let My People Go! We are joined by Vince Ellison (Author, Former Correctional Officer). Topics discussed include: The “What”. Who, Why and How. Responding to Kanye West. Prayer for America.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung invites John Rood to the Broadcast Table to get a European Union Up-date. Jimmy and John will discuss information on the products that the EU receives from Israel and how they need to be labeled if they are to be sold in the EU; how France vetoed the entrance into the EU by North Macedonia; and how a statue of President Ronald Reagan was erected in Berlin, near where the Berlin Wall was located, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall that started a chain of events which brought down communism in the Soviet Union and brought Vladimir Putin to office as the President of Russia.

William Booth founded the Salvation Army. Nearing death, his last message to an annual conference came in a telegram with one word: “others.” What will be your final words? What is your legacy? What will your epitaph be?

In 1972 there was a proposal put forth by Congress for interested states to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA).  It was sent to the states for ratification and one brave, determined woman, Phyllis Schlafly, went to battle against it by forming the ‘Stop ERA’ movement and she won. 

Now, while many are being distracted by the so-called ‘impeachment inquiry,’ there’s an effort underway to try and undo history by legislatively removing the deadline that Congress had set for the ratification nearly half a century ago.

On November 13th, the House Judiciary Committee gave its approval to do just that.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Ed Martin.  Ed is the President of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles as well as affiliated organizations Eagle Forum Education & Legal Defense Fund and America’s Future.  Ed was nominated by Phyllis Schlafly to succeed her as the President of the Eagle Forum organizations. He’s a lawyer who holds advanced degrees in medical ethics and philosophy and was chief of staff to former Missouri Governor Matt Blunt.

House Joint Resolution 38 was introduced in January.  It currently has 217 co-sponsors of which 215 are Democrats, 2 are Republicans.  Jim indicated that it’s apparently about legislating away the deadline from 1972.

HJR 38 eventually went before the House Judiciary Committee and on November 13th it passed 21-11.

Ed noted that there’s a split on this within the Democrat party.  If you’re a hard-core liberal, you’re happy that the ERA would protect transgender rights, enshrine Roe v. Wade and also demand that taxpayer dollars pay for abortions.  Others claim they just want their daughters to be equal to their sons.

What does the future hold concerning the resurrection of this legislation?  Get the details and hear what listeners had to say when you review this Crosstalk broadcast.   



Congressman Steve King tells what we are missing in the hearings then Tamara visits with the family of a veteran. 

The Greatest Power In All The World. We are joined by Keith Davidson (Pres. Seedline International). Topics discussed include: Thoughts on the Impeachment Hearings. Importance of Prayer. Examples of Prayers Answered.



Dave Dolan comes to the Broadcast Table at PTIB to give us his Middle East News Up-date, which is  essential for you to hear on a weekly basis. Dave and Jimmy DeYoung will discuss the targeted assassination of the leader of the terrorist organization, Islamic Jihad; how that resulted in a major conflict between the Israeli Defense Force and Islamic Jihad; that Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad has declared war against Israel; and that the Sanhedrin has given a final warning to Iran, "Follow the path of King Cyrus, or die like Haman.


Involvement in a local church might be the best medicine you could ever take. It provides help and support when you need it most, and you have the privilege of helping others too! But how exactly does the body of Christ provide healing for its members, even when the wounds run deep?

In recent years, shocking undercover videos were revealed to the public by those going undercover to report the involvement of Planned Parenthood in the trafficking of human baby body parts.  As a result, Planned Parenthood launched a multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against Sandra Merritt and others for their undercover investigation which was a multiple weeks trial. Closing arguments were made last week.

To discuss this important case is Attorney Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Sandra Merritt (represented by Liberty Counsel) and David Daleiden began to investigate Planned Parenthood.  They read journals, spoke with experts, and also viewed an ABC News 2020 report from the year 2000 that involved undercover investigation regarding the harvesting of baby body parts by the abortion industry for profit.  They also spoke with sidewalk counselors who inquired why delivery trucks were coming up to an abortion clinic and taking away boxes.  

They then began recording videos in public places featuring high level executives within Planned Parenthood, as well as individuals who worked with organ procurement businesses such as StemExpress.  The result is that they found out babies were being manipulated during birth for the extraction of various body parts. Some were being sold online to research labs for up to $17,000 apiece.  

As a result, Planned Parenthood filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit in San Francisco and the California Attorney General filed 15 felony charges against Sandra and David.  

Thus far there has been a 3 week state criminal hearing.  Mat is waiting on a judge to see if they have to go back for a full-blown jury trial in criminal court.  After nearly 7 weeks of trial in San Francisco, they just got the verdict last Friday which found in favor of Planned Parenthood, awarding over 2 million dollars in total damages.

Mat indicated that Judge William Orrick III erroneously allowed a federal law known as the ‘Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organization’ (RICO) law to go forward as part of the suit so any damage award is tripled. 

The judge has a connection to Planned Parenthood but did not recuse himself.  In addition, the jury was given a set of instructions by the judge which required a verdict of guilt.  This Crosstalk looks at these and other problems with this case, Planned Parenthood’s response, and much more. (photo Liberty Counsel)



"In this episode Pastor Sam Jones and Patrick Wyett breakdown an article from Jonathan Leeman that was published on The Gospel Coalition. In this article Leeman askes the question, “Should Christians celebrate the fourth of July?” If you live in America you probably have questions about our Christian heritage and what to do on Independence Day! Is it ok to be a Christian and a patriot? Is nationalism a good thing? Find out in this episode of The Shining Light Podcast! "

Guest: Barry Nussbaum joins us to discuss twelve statements he made in a recent speech concerning Islam that CAIR is taking an issue with in a press release. Barry defends everyone of his statements right out of Quran & Hadiths.

Prayer by God’s People. We are joined by Dillon Burroughs (Senior Writer, John Ankerberg Show). Topics discussed include: What is Prayer? How do People Pray? Prayer for Our Nation. Prayer in Church.

Ken Timmerman, who covers geo-political events in our world will join Jimmy DeYoung at the Broadcast Table to give us all the details on these events and how they are actually setting the stage for the prophetic scenario found in the Bible to be fulfilled. Ken and Jimmy will discuss, and focus on Iran, Russia, the European Union and Turkey, which will include the details on the contentious meeting at the White House between President Trump and Turkish President Erdogan.

When believers display God’s character traits, the world will see them helping each other, not jostling for advantage. They’ll see true fellowship, where the needs of others take priority. The church is an example to a watching world of what the love of God looks like.

This program will encourage and motivate you to take your eyes off the temporal and focus on that which is eternal by looking at some of the great hymns of the faith that focus on heaven.

Joining Jim in this effort was Ace Collins.  Ace is an award-winning author of more than 80 books ranging from biographies to children’s books and those dealing with history, culture and faith.  This broadcast looked at his book, ‘Stories Behind the Songs and Hymns About Heaven.’

What prompted Ace to write about songs and their writers that place an emphasis on the theme of heaven?  Over time he had written other ‘stories behind’ type books and had decided that he probably won’t write another one.  Then his agent approached him about writing a book dealing with songs about heaven. After thinking about it he said it was something he ‘…was almost being called to do.’

3-1/2 years ago his father died of cancer and his mother died a year later of Alzheimer’s.  In light of that he wishes he had written this book before that happened because the stories he gleaned from these songs and their writers he believes would have helped him as he was going through those times.

So Ace began to see the book as ‘made to order’ for those who were facing what he faced, and that is the loss of a loved one.  These songs and the stories behind them not only give readers a better perspective regarding what is ahead for the Christian, but about bringing a bit of heaven to earth right now to those who don’t know Jesus through your spirit, your actions, your heart and attitude.

Who were some of the writers, their stories and songs that impacted Ace to such an extent that it resulted in this book?  Find out when you review this Crosstalk and hear how listeners responded as well.


Part Two: Communist front groups, non-communist-communist front groups, religious organizations as communist front groups and the communist front group of the Democratic Party. Today Brannon explains how the head of the Communist Party Gus Hall in 1972 predicted how they would turn the Democratic Party into a communist front group. Topic: Why do democratic candidates run for office when they know they cannot win? Are they really running in order to prepare the culture so the unthinkable may become thinkable? Topic: Brannon explains how abortion has led to partial birth abortion which has led to killing babies outside the womb. Brannon explains how this process is preparing the way for the once unthinkable of eugenics an active euthanasia as Aldous Huxley predicted in 1948. Topic: Brannon begins reading from the mission statement of the And Campaign to train the audience on how to detect lies, propaganda and masking terms. Christians are going to have to become extremely gifted at seeing what most people do not see or understand if they want to avoid being taken spiritual captives or found supporting that which is contrary to the will of God. Topic: We take your calls.