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Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, May 21
Brannon Howse: May 21, 2019
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Topic: The ISMS of the Coming Holocaust (Part 4). A May 2019 survey reveals that 43% of Americans view socialism in a positive light. In addition, some Americans now believe socialism means social equality. How does this false definition of socialism play right into the hands of cultural marxism, white privilege and critical race theory? Topic: Brannon looks at the isms of postmodernism and deconstructionism. Topic: We take your calls.

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Broadcast Archive

Compartmentalized Christianity: Should My Christian Faith Affect My Politics? Topics discussed include: VP Pence gets pushback during speech at Christian University. Should Christians be involved in Politics? Principles for Christians need to consider when voting. Why should our worldview dictate our political choices?


For months, Crosstalk has warned about a piece of legislation from Nancy Pelosi known as the ‘Equality Act’ (HR-5).  Jim described this legislation which…’in one fell swoop places a stick of dynamite under the free exercise of religion and blows it to smithereens.’

Last Friday afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives, on a vote of 236 to 173,  passed HR-5. 8 Republicans joined the Democrat majority which was basically a ‘hand slap’ across the face of the church.

Joining Jim to discuss this latest development was Mat Staver.  Mat is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel. Mat has over 230 published legal opinions, has authored 8 scholarly law review publications and 10 books.  He’s filed numerous briefs and argued in many federal and state courts including the U.S. Supreme Court where he has also argued two landmark cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Mat began by describing this legislation as, ‘…the most serious threat to religious freedom, to life, and to family that I’ve ever seen come out of Congress.’

Mat knew it would pass in the House because of the overwhelming control Democrats have there.  There was not one single Democrat that was willing to break ranks with their party. In fact, 8 Republicans joined in.

For readers still not familiar with this legislation, HR5 elevates LGBT and abortion to a higher level.  It expands the reach of abortion, puts it as a federal right, forces federal funding of it, elevates LGBT to the same protective category as race, and in the process decimates religious freedom.

One element of this broadcast that highlights the seriousness of this issue involves an item from the Congressional Record.  It was from Congressman William Dannemeyer of California. Jim read his (what’s turned out to be prophetic )warning from July 27, 1987 titled: ‘Militant Wolves in Sheepish Drag No Longer.’

A link to the Congressional Record warns, ‘In fact, the homosexual American dream would be to amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual preferences to the list of nondiscriminatory characteristics such as race, creed and color.’  

Also in Congressman Dannemeyer’s submission to the record is an essay by Michael Swift:

Jim and Mat agreed that Swift’s presentation was a full embodiment of what HR-5 is all about.

This legislation now goes over to the Senate as S788.  Mat noted that it will be automatically assigned to the Judiciary Committee.  Senator Lindsey Graham is the chairman of that committee.

Learn more by becoming informed regarding the details that surround this issue. You can do that by reviewing this important edition of Crosstalk.   

The increasing tensions in the Middle East, between the United States and Iran, are at a boiling point and could become a full fledge war at any moment. This being the case, there are many questioning whether Israel will be included in the possible war. Dave Dolan joins Jimmy DeYoung at the Broadcast Table to discuss Dave's Middle East News Up-date, which will focus on this potential war, and any part that Israel may have in this war. Jimmy and Dave will discuss the entire Middle East Region and how this region is quickly moving towards war; the war-like events that are happening; why the Golan Heights will be the next Iranian target; and what will be the response from Israel if Iran should attack the Golan.

Topic: The ISMS of the Coming Holocaust (Part 4). A May 2019 survey reveals that 43% of Americans view socialism in a positive light. In addition, some Americans now believe socialism means social equality. How does this false definition of socialism play right into the hands of cultural marxism, white privilege and critical race theory? Topic: Brannon looks at the isms of postmodernism and deconstructionism. Topic: We take your calls.

Sarah’s idea for Abraham to father a promised heir through her maid backfired. Sarah grew jealous, and Hagar ran away to escape the torment. But God found her and comforted her in the midst of her troubles.

This broadcast took a look at how the ‘movers and shakers’ that promote the LGBTQ agenda are focused on our youth, starting as young as pre-school.  Some items discussed included:

–Libraries are actually seeking out ‘drag queens’ to influence children.  In response to this, Jim re-aired a clip of Dylan Pontiff. Dylan spoke at the Lafayette City Parish Council in Louisiana where he talked about grooming the next generation.

–Harvey Milk ‘Gay Day’ is targeting children in California through aggressive brainwashing in both classroom and school assemblies.  It’s being done to children as young as 5 years of age with no advance notification and no parental permission.

–A school district in Oregon is being sued after a teacher repeatedly grilled an 8 year old student about whether he thought he’s a girl.  He was given videos to watch on transgenderism as well as being provided instructional books.

–A school for children was to hold their first pride and liberation event May 13th with mini lessons and activities for K-8 students.

–Converse tennis shoes is introducing their annual pride collection; rainbow-themed shoes for men, women and children.  The company has hired a supposed 10 year old ‘drag kid’ named ‘Desmond’ who recently gained public attention by dancing at an adult club while gay men threw money at him.  

–The Central Park School for Children in North Carolina, using a ‘drag queen’ who believes that everyone who feels uncomfortable around a ‘drag queen’ is a bigot.

Other stories were noted as well, but some stand out due to the fact that they potentially impact every TV viewing household in America.  In this category, examples included:

–One week ago, the season premiere episode of ‘Arthur’, the popular PBS animated show for children 4-8, dealt with a same-sex wedding.

–Last summer, the Cartoon Network program ‘Steven Universe’ depicted a same-sex wedding in which the main character officiated the nuptials of two female characters.

–The Cartoon Network program ‘Adventure Time’ established a same-sex relationship of two main characters.

Jim presented much more on this subject so that you can protect your children and family.  Hear it all when you review this vital Crosstalk broadcast.


Sarah’s idea for Abraham to father a promised heir through her maid backfired. Sarah grew jealous, and Hagar ran away to escape the torment. But God found her and comforted her in the midst of her troubles.

In this episode of The Pry Report Dr. Peter Pry discusses why President Eisenhower had to use the atomic bomb on Japan and how many people would have died on both the American side as well as Japanese side if America had invaded Japan. In reality, the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan was a merciful act that saved as many as a million lives. The point is that Americans must understand why it is America at times has to go to war but in doing so terrible acts of war can actually save lives.

CIA Station Chief Gives Inside Scoop. We are joined by Scott Uehlinger (Retired CIA station chief, national security expert, Newsmax Contributor). Topics discussed include: Grading President Trump’s Foreign Policy. Are we going to war with Iran? “Draining the Swamp”. Solutions.

The tensions between the United States and Iran continue to heat-up, to the point that there is a great potential for an all-out war to take place. Today, on PTIB, Jimmy DeYoung brings Ken Temmerman to the Broadcast Table to give us all the latest details on what is going on there in the Middle East. Jimmy and Ken will discuss the Iranian "defector" who was the chief of Iranian Intel in the Revolutionary Guard, who gave America the warning of trouble coming; that info was that Iran was ready to attack American personnel and facilities in that region; why Sec of State Pompeo went to Iraq, to issue this war-torn nation advice of how to deal with the Iranian military in Iraq; and the warning that these Iranian attacks could come from their proxies in the region.

Topic: The ISMS of the Coming Holocaust (Part 3). We have examined anti-semitism and nationalism and today Brannon examines the ism of socialism. What is the difference between socialism, communism and Marxism? What are the masking terms used today for socialism? Topic: Socialism will steal your property and then it will steal your life. Brannon uses the example of human trash and communist, Nelson Mandela to prove this point. The leaders of South Africa got 'stuck on stupid' and instead of making an example of Mandela and publicly hanging him for the terrorist he was, they chose to let him out of prison and it led to Mandela becoming President of South Africa. The folks in South Africa made the fatal mistake of compromising and trying to find a co-existence with communism. Today, socialism in South Africa has led to not only stealing the farms of white land owners, but also the murder of white, Christian, capitalists farmers and leaving a Bible on their body after torturing them for days. Topic: Brannon discusses his 1995 book, Reclaiming a Nation At Risk in which he warned that the Chinese model of the ‘dangan' would come to America. Brannon talks about his speech before the 1,200 citizens at the Hamilton County School Board meeting in March of 1996 and how what he predicted has and is coming to pass despite the ridicule by the cultural Marxists in the Chattanooga Free Press. Topic: The Jews in Germany had a red J put on their identification cards so they might be identified, marginalized, terrorized and then exterminated. Brannon explains how the new national I.D. card being rolled out in America and around the world is part of Agenda 2030 and will lead to the persecution of Christians and conservatives, and then a global mark to buy or sell. This system will be used to shut out conservatives and those who trust in God as the religious reich of Revelation 17 & 18 becomes a reality built on the three legged stool of government, business and religion. Topic: We take your calls.

In this episode of SER I welcome Alex Newman to discuss what Christians must do immediately if they have children in the government schools.

Alex has a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Flordia with an emphasis on economics and international relations, as well as an A.A. in foreign languages from Miami-Dade College. He is the co-author of the book Crimes of the Educators and currently serves as a foreign correspondent for the New American magazine and Advanced Economics teacher at Freedom Project Academy.

Freedom Project Academy here.

New American Magazine here.

Exodus Mandate here.

US Parents Involved in Education here.

Money Mission Friday: “Choose You This Day” - While You Still Can. We are joined by William Parker (Principal of BRI Investing, CEO of Grandview Asset Management). Topics discussed include: States choose life and freedom. Congress chooses death and discrimination. The College Boards and SAT choose bias and discrimination. People Choose BRI Investing.

Tamara talks with Patrick Purtill FFC Director of Legislative Affairs about immigration. 

Will Good Christian Living Save You? 

We continue our series involving the seven signs signaling Christ’s soon return. One of the major trends in our world today is “one-worldism.” Are you aware of this trend and how it’s setting the stage for the end times scenario as predicted in Scripture? To the careful observer globalism can be seen in elite opinion, our educational system, exaggerated environmental crises, earth worship, rejection of America’s founding documents, the International Criminal Court (ICC), and the assault on our borders.