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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, October 24
Brannon Howse: October 24, 2016
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On October 21, 2016 major American companies were attacked. You can live without Twitter & Nexflix but what about power. On this program Brannon talks about an EMP attack as well as how terrorist organizations are attempting to hack the power grid. Brannon will read from credible sources that document the serious threat our nation faces. How should you prepare and why should you prepare? Topic: We take your calls. 

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Four Clubs For the Price of One

Broadcast Archive

Program #22 Usama exposes the ELCA, document entitled My Neighbor is A Muslim. Usama explains that this document is promoting Chrislam. Usama separates facts from fiction. 

Today is the last day on the Jewish Feast Day, Feast of Tabernacles. Today Jimmy DeYoung will speak with Winkie Medad, an Orthodox Jew, that has been celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles by living part of his day in a Succa, a thatched hut. Jimmy and Winkie will also discuss the UNESCO decision that there is no connection between the Jews and the Temple Mount; then they will reveal to you what "Simcah Torah" is all about. I can tell you it's a special day focused on celebrating the reading of the Bible.

Nouthetic Counseling Pitfalls
For all the help Biblical Counseling has been, are they areas of concern?  

Felix was a Roman governor in Caesarea, Rome’s headquarters in what is now Israel. Facing Paul, Felix and his wife Drusilla found themselves confronted with the Gospel, which brought their own sins to light. The Gospel was working its power in the ancient world.

Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, educator and consultant. As a freelance journalist he writes for the New American. He is the co-author of the book, "Crimes of the Educators". The United Nations wa founded October 24, 1945, 71 years ago.

A look at the founding of the organization, and a brief review of its history, were followed by an analysis of the organization's current make-up, which consists largely of countries that oppress minorities, often conducting or financing terrorism and jihad. The newly selected Seretary General of the United Nations is António Guterres of Portugal, who is proud of being a socialist. One of his latest roles was to orchestrate the massive move of hundreds of thousands of Muslims, dubbed "refugees", to countries across Europe and the United States. The United States, as a member of the Security Council, signed off on his selection despite his record. He is scheduled to assume the post January 1, 2017.

A look at the list of "accomplishments" being hailed on this anniversary, shows that most have the effect of reducing national sovereignty, replacing it with international controls. Mr. Guterres has stated his top priorities as Secretary General will be more socialism around the world, more power for the UN, more “global governance,” and more mass migration from the Third World to Western countries, and “gender equality”. In other words, more of the same extremism that already has the world on the brink.

The United States under the current administration, has worked to transfer control from the United States to the United Nations in many ways, supporting liberal “conventions” that strip parental rights, gun rights, and other fundamental rights under the U.S. Constitution. Most recently, the administration pushed for—and succeeded—in transfering control of the Internet from an independent agency in the United States, to a United Nations agency, that will likely reflect the make-up of U.N. member nations.

Chris discusses the final presidential debate, where Donald Trump confronted Hillary Clinton about receiving some $25 million from Saudi Arabia for the Clinton Foundation.  Were the Saudis buying political access to America through Hillary? And what could her associations with the Islamic world mean for our country?

How to witness to a stuborn and indoctrinated Catholic. 

Series: With the Master on Our Knees (Vol.2)

Lesson: 02

Title:  The Righteous Attitudes and Actions to Unanswered Prayer

Passage: 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Description: There are many times in our life as a believer that God seems silent when it comes to answering our prayers. We often wrestle to understand why, even though we know that God is sovereign and knows best. We can learn many lessons when we consider Paul’s prayer that went unanswered. God said no, but granted him something more valuable.

Witnessing to the Witnesses part 1


Today is the first installment on a new series that I've entitled "Witnessing to the Witnesses," as in the Jehovah's Witnesses. Recently I had a two and one half hour witnessing encounter with two JWs. About 10 minutes into the session it occurred to me that it would be good to have a recording of this so I pulled out my iPhone and hit "record." It was a an interesting and enlightening encounter to say the least. Over the next number of days I will play for you this witnessing encounter in which you will hear two JWs give their own perverted version of the gospel and hear me answer them from Scripture. I think this will be an interesting series and will help you to be equipped the next time a JW knocks on your door.  

Program #21 Usama exposes the ELCA, document entitled My Neighbor is A Muslim. Usama explains that this document is promoting Chrislam. Usama separates facts from fiction. 

Today is the time that Jimmy DeYoung and Dave James will have their weekly conversation that contains information, Biblical information, which the body of Christ, the Church, needs to have to work out difficult situations confronting each of us. Jimmy and Dave will discuss on this edition of PTIB that two Church leaders met in Rome to see if they could re-unite their different Church groups, the Catholic Church and the Anglican Church, the Church of England; this meeting was the first time after their split many centuries ago; also in the conversation Jimmy and Dave reveal how this meeting in Rome sets the stage for the fulfillment of Revelation 17.


Catechism of Forgiveness (Part 1)
Listen in as Pastor Mike preaches this recent sermon titled "Catechism of Forgiveness (Part 1)."

Paul the Apostle had appealed to Caesar in a conflict with Jewish authorities. This meant facing the Roman governor in ancient Caesarea. As waves lapped on the nearby shore, Governor Felix came face to face with a man the likes of whom he’d never seen.

Once again, Jim took listeners around the nation and the world as he presented news stories of interest to Christians, many of which are set aside by the major media.



--Russia begins its largest surface deployment since the end of the cold war as it aims to effectively end the war in Syria on the eve of the U.S. election.

--Managers of an arena in the Moscow area received an official letter from the minister of emergency situations last week demanding that they immediately create shelters facilities for wartime.

--The Obama White House has barred the Pentagon from using a key phrase in references to China and Russia.

--Despite the uncovering of threats to U.S. weapons programs from overseas suppliers the American military is still working with foreigners on improvements to the nation's arsenal.

--The Philippine president tilts his nation away from America and toward China.

--President Obama calls for Americans to submit to a vaguely defined, presumably government run, curating function that would help discard unapproved information. In other words, he's calling for a war on the free press.

--George Soros connected company provides voting machines in 16 states.

--Islamic laws prohibiting free speech have come to Miami.

--As President Obama commutes the sentences of more criminals, his Justice Department intends to make it more difficult for landlords to deny affordable housing to ex-convicts.

--Vandal smears peanut butter on 30 vehicles at a central Wisconsin gathering that she thought was a Trump rally.

--According to a statement from Clinton at a 2002 fundraiser, Hillary said George W. Bush was selected president rather than elected after Al Gore refused to accept election results in 2000.

--Hillary Clinton heads a top 10 Islamic money and politics list of campaign Contributions for 2015-2016.

--Defense Secretary Ash Carter refused to answer a reporter's question about a possible intelligence disclosure by Hillary Clinton.

--Governor Pat McCrory responds to the fire-bombing of a North Carolina Republican headquarters.

--Florida Supreme Court strikes down the state's new death penalty statute.

--The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has increased the number of traffic deaths, emergency department visits, hospitalizations, calls to the poison control center and the youth there now rank #1 in the nation for marijuana use.

--Colorado's marijuana potency is five times higher than the national average.

--Director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and prevention reportedly has blocked a request by a law firm to allow a CDC senior vaccine safety scientist to testify in a court case in Tennessee. The case deals with the CDC recommended vaccines and autism.

--A federal judge sided with Planned Parenthood in a lawsuit attempting to block a Mississippi law that barred medical providers that perform abortions from participating in the state's Medicaid program.

--An Oakland, California, teen who was considered brain-dead is breathing on her own.

--California has promulgated a regulation to assure that the mentally ill, who have been ordered hospitalized in California, have access to assisted suicide if they are dying and deemed able to make medical decisions.

--The Dutch government has decided to expand their euthanasia law to include people who are not physically or psychologically sick but who believe that their life is 'completed'.

--A Bible was removed from the waiting room of a Veterans Affairs medical center in Ohio after a veteran complained.

--A group advocating the separation of church and state demanded that the Air Force rebuke a commander who expressed his Christian beliefs in an interview.

--A federal judge has stopped President Obama's policy forcing public schools to allow boys in the girls locker room.

--Representative Joe Pitts announced that he and 47 of his colleagues have sent a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell expressing a number of significant concerns with an HHS regulation that requires doctors to perform gender transition procedures or treatments on patients, including children, even if the doctor believes the procedures could be harmful.

--Cover Girl announces their first 'cover boy' model.

--The first Aboriginal and openly gay politician in Australia enters state parliament and gives his first speech.

--Decades after homosexuality was decriminalized in Britain, the government announced that it would posthumously pardon thousands of gay and bisexual men who were convicted.

--The BBC has begun examining program makers willingness to promote LGBT lifestyles when deciding on new TV shows.

--Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas indicates that as a legal and social construct, homosexual marriage was practiced only one other time in the the days of Noah before the flood.

--Police investigating the defacement of a San Antonio church after vandals spray painted 'No to Wall' and 'Islam or Die' next to the entrance.

--A new report indicates that there's explosive growth in the number of U.S. residents five years of age and older who speak a language other than English in the home.

--The fastest growing language in America is Arabic.

Chris discusses the historical circumstances in England leading up to the era of the great Puritan leader, Oliver Cromwell.  It is said of that period that "good and evil, salvation and peril" had become so "confounded and intermixed" that the firmest of minds were "incapable of disentangling them ..."  Could this be a picture of America in our time?

On October 21, 2016 major American companies were attacked. You can live without Twitter & Nexflix but what about power. On this program Brannon talks about an EMP attack as well as how terrorist organizations are attempting to hack the power grid. Brannon will read from credible sources that document the serious threat our nation faces. How should you prepare and why should you prepare? Topic: We take your calls.