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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, January 26
Brannon Howse: January 26, 2015
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Part 4 and final: Liberalism hiding as evangelicalism. Topic: Hear Tim Keller say that those in poverty commit crimes because they are in poverty. So what about all the middle class criminals and upper class white collar criminals? Keller seems to believe that if everyone were guaranteed an equal income there would be no poverty. Is Keller really just pushing socialism, class envy and giving justification to those that claim they riot and loot because they are oppressed? Topic: Hear the audio of Keller declaring that one problem facing the church is a worship of doctrine. Why is this a dangerous and even heretical comment by Keller? Topic: We take your calls.

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God’s Security–Part 2 Please open your Bible to Romans 8 and listen along as Pastor Mike preaches this recent sermon from Bethlehem Bible Church, West Boylston, MA. We live in a security conscious world. This chapter of Romans gives us a good dose of God’s security found in Christ Jesus as Romans 8 talks about the Perseverance of the Saints. Listen in to learn about seven indestructible promises that will forever guide your walk of faith.

Evidence for the Existence of God – part 5 In this final session Mike gives powerful evidence for the truthfulness of the Bible. The combination of evidences (manuscript, history, archaeology, prophecy, and science) leaves no doubt that the Bible is God breathed and all of it is good for teaching (2 Timothy 3:16). Mike gives some amazing facts about the Bible and shows that the track record of all those who have opposed God’s Word through ridicule or compromise have been consistently wrong and God‘s Word remains unchanged.

On this edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung speaks with Ken Timmerman in Washington who has an in-depth look at geo-political events in our world today that have a close connection to the prophetic agenda found in Bible Prophecy. Jimmy and Ken will discuss the death of the Saudi King Abdullah; a missile site in Iran that can reach beyond the EU; the crisis in Yemen and Russia saying that America wants to take over the world, even as Russia forges new military ties with Iran.

THE FOURTH BEAST OF DANIEL Chris discusses end time prophecy and the teachings surrounding the fourth beast mentioned in the book of Daniel, and how we are told that the saints shall take away his dominion to consume and destroy it unto the end (Dan. 7:26). But what does this mean? The Reformed view of prophecy generally held that the anti-Christian powers would not be overthrown all at once; but would be consumed gradually one century after another, and then finally destroyed at the Second Coming of Christ. Can we find evidence of this in the pages of history?

Beginning with news reports dealing with aspects of President Obama's State of the Union address from last week, Jim Schneider read details concerning many stories making headlines. The stories included: --President Obama setting a record pace in the establishment of new regulations. --President Obama is proposing to block 1.4 million acres of Arctic refuge area from oil and gas drilling. --Roe v. Wade anniversary marks 42 years of legalized abortions. --Planned Parenthood head is proud of its record on abortion. --Secretary of State John Kerry tells Western leaders that it would be an error to blame Muslim's for crimes their faith utterly rejects. --Obama says the global community needs to push a counter narrative to the terrorist radical

A lot of people think the Bible says: “God helps those who help themselves.” It doesn’t. When it comes to salvation, here’s what God really says: we cannot help ourselves. Only He can save. In this message, another lie about God is unmasked.

Part 2 of "Those Who Do Not Learn the Lessons of History." Older Evangelicals who were encouraged to study in Britain and Europe are now encouraging their students to attend continental schools. These younger students now are more radical and disrespectful, not only of God's Word,but ironically of the evangelicals who sent them there, reminiscent of Jesus' Words in Matthew 23:15 "Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You travel on land and sea to make a disciple, and when you make one, they become twice as much as son of hell as yourself!"

More from Beth Moore Beth Moore made some news a couple of weeks ago when a young woman, aged 22, referred to her as a false teacher. Beth Moore contacted her and exchanged some emails with her trying to understand why. Those emails were made public and were quite telling. The young woman's husband, Briar, contacted me and asked for some guidance in their interaction with Moore. In this program I will discuss a statement that Moore said which indicates she truly does not understand the logical conclusions and biblical gravity of her claims that God speaks to her outside of Scripture.

We finish with part four of our Search the Scriptures Daily classics. Dave and Tom conclude their discussion of biblical prophecy.

Hell Broths–Part 2 Is Satan real? Do demons exist today? Can people be demon possessed? Pastor Mike continues to answers these questions and more on today’s show.

How to Reprove Those in the Family of God! I Timothy 5.1-2

A controversy erupted recently when terrorism expert Stephen Emerson mistakenly referred to “all” of Birmingham, England as being a Muslim “no-go zone” on a FoxNews report. This caused a bit of an uproar amidst the politically correct In this week’s boralogue, John examines the truth behind these No-Go Zones in certain European cities and asserts that as politically correct talking heads muddy the waters by carelessly discrediting what people are saying, we need to be able to freely and openly debate these issues. First up, Reza Kahlili (, former CIA operative inside the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, discusses the current capabilities of Iran’s nuclear program, the regime’s plans once the program reaches its completion, and what, if anything, can ultimately be done about it. Conservative radio talk show host Josh Bernstein (, rejoins us this week to explain the emerging Trans-Pacific Partnership and show us the dangers of giving President Obama fast-track trade authority that would implement international rules and bypass the U.S. Constitution.

Coup d'état (Text: Mark 15:1-5)

How are the people of God to relate to the people of this world who do not know the Lord? How would He have you to respond to their sinful behavior in light of His offer of salvation? Bible teacher Dr. John Whitcomb answers that question this week as we continue in Part 3 of his series called, “Zechariah: The LORD Remembers.” God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end. That certainty is reinforced in this program as we consider how the believers in Judah were to understand and associate with their pagan neighbors—in light of their past history and the prophetic future. Whitcomb Ministries presents this message with thanks to Middletown Bible Church in Middletown, Connecticut, where it was first offered to a Bible conference. Host Wayne Shepherd also encourages us to find reassurance in the reality that, “The LORD Remembers.”

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung and Dave James will discuss "Kingdom and Dominion Theology". These two different theologies are not Biblical and thus are very dangerous if and when you might embrace either one of them. Both of these theologies, Kingdom and Dominion, are not only dangerous to Christians, but they are damaging to the Jewish people and the end times scenario found in the Bible.