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Broadcast Archive

Chris continues the discussion on the dangers of the Western political view of Saudi Arabia.  Yet Western leaders have a long history (even prior to the Second World War) of favoring Islam
and Arabia against the Christian world.  Also discussed is some of the history of Rome and the principles of Communism, which find some origins in the teachings of ancient Catholic writers such
as Thomas Aquinas and his views of private property ownership.

In this program Usama Dakdok debates a leading Muslim Scholar from South Africa by the name of Joseph Ismael. The topic was on whether or not ISIS is a true representation of Islam. (Program #19)

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has Itamar Marcus, the director of Palestinian Media Watch, as his Broadcast Partner, to detail the Palestinian thinking about the Trump visit to Israel and the Palestinian areas, and the Jerusalem Day celebrations going on in the City of Jerusalem, the very controversial city in Israel. Jimmy and Itamar will discuss the Trump visit to the region; the Trump Netanyahu meetings; the Trump Abbas meeting; the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution and the fact that the Palestinians say the Jews have no connection to Jerusalem, which is a major hinderance to the peace process.

In this program Usama Dakdok debates a leading Muslim Scholar from South Africa by the name of Joseph Ismael. The topic was on whether or not ISIS is a true representation of Islam. (Program #18)

Today, Jerusalem Day in Israel, Jimmy DeYoung will have Winkie Medad give us a report on the meaning of the title, "Jerusalem Day", it's beginning in 1967 and the celebration that will happen in Jerusalem itself. Jimmy and Winkie will also discuss the Trump visit, why he did not announce the moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem; and the importance of the City of Jerusalem to the Jews and the rest of the world.

motives for evangelism

What are some motives for evangelism?

What God did in Uganda part 4 - May 24, 2017


Today we revisit our conversation with Mike Miller as he and I have been talking about the dramatic things we saw God do on our trip to Uganda.

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When God wants to get the attention of one of His servants, He has many creative options. In the case of Jonah, God took extreme measures. The belly of a great fish is hardly a vacation, and Jonah got the message.

Today on Crosstalk, Jim’s guest is David Rubin. David is the founder and president of Shiloh Israel Children’s Fund, established to heal the trauma of terror victim children after he and his three year old son were seriously wounded in a terror attack.  He is the author of five books including “The Islamic Tsunami” and his latest, “More Sparks From Zion”.  

Jim begins Crosstalk with President Trump's historic visit this week to Israel (his first abroad). Today is also "Happy Jerusalem Day" in Israel. The significance of this day takes us back to 1967, and the reunification of Jerusalem and the six day war, when all Arab nations were surrounding Israel's borders - to drive Jews "into the sea." God had other plans. As a result, eastern Jerusalem was reclaimed. Acknowledged are some of the areas that have been relinquished through peace deals over the years, while most still remain. 

President Trump's visit to Israel is historic. The question "Is this a new day?"  is asked and David Rubin said "Absolutely." Former President Obama was very "cold and hostile" toward Israel, Rubin said. Trump's warmth and desire to cooperate with Israel is there and has been expressed. Trump's visit this week also marks the 1st time a sitting US president has visited Israel's western wall. Many believe the president was "moved" by his visit. Most noteworthy about this visit is the "kinship" and "values" between America and Israel - even a "common bond." Israel and the world is watching to see President Trump slide further into his role as President. Under heavy pressure from the Muslim world however, President Trump has taken a "step back" from one of his campaign promises to in fact "relocate" the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

President Trump's trip abroad also included a meeting with the Saudi King. What will this yield? David Rubin believes that it can "only help." The Saudi King wants to stay in power. They know that Iran is spreading terrorism around the world and that they want to maintain their relationship with the US. Many believe that America appears happy to stop Iran (and others) from growing terrorism but, Jihadists are the real problem and in fact are "central" to Islam. Many also believe that virtually every terrorist is a Muslim. David Rubin remains hopeful though of President Trump that he remains very "serious" about Iran not getting their hands on a nuclear weapon. Iran's recent elections are also "no big deal" (according to David) in regards to Israel's interests. Rubin believes Iran is the "undisputed power in the middle east."

Will Jerusalem always be the capitol of the Jewish state? Rubin believes it "may still happen" in the future. No plans about a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians were discussed however during the President's visit. David proposed two basic principles toward peace in one of his books. Currently, all attempts for years have been "dead on arrival."

David is in Israel (by phone) and we take your calls, comments and questions today on Crosstalk.  

-altar call (part 2)

Are altar class biblical?


Guest: Chris Gaubatz. Topic: Brannon and Chris respond to the heart-breaking news of 22 individuals, many of them young students, killed at a concert in Manchester, England by a suicide bomber. In 2007 & 2008 Brannon dedicated many of his radio programs to the topic of warning Americans that Islamists were going to attack children as a strategy to incite civil war. Topic: Are American schools any more prepared than they were in 2007? Can one school resource officer protect hundreds of students against multiple highly trained terrorists? Why are parks and sports fields more important to communities than properly securing the schools of their children? Topic: If Islamists attack several American schools in one-day, as experts have warned, what kind of economic impact would it have on America as schools are shut down for weeks if not months before they can be properly secured and re-opened? Topic: Are your schools and police departments prepared for the threats facing your community? Topic: We take your calls. 

In this program Usama Dakdok debates a leading Muslim Scholar from South Africa by the name of Joseph Ismael. The topic was on whether or not ISIS is a true representation of Islam. (Program #17)


Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners joining him with special reports. Dr. Rob Congdon will give us a European Union update. But first, Dave Dolan gives us a report on Donald Trump's visit to Israel, and the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Reunification of the city of Jerusalem.

street interviews (part 1)

Listen in to these street interviews!

The Perfections of God - Wrath part 2 May 23, 2017


Today we continue our discussion of the wrath of God. We will talk about how God's wrath is abiding, abandoning, and redemptive. Also, should we as believers ever fear God's wrath?

Jonah was determined to avoid doing a distasteful job. He resisted preaching to a pagan city so that they might repent. He would rather hit the road than tell the Ninevites that judgment could be averted. Let’s learn how God blocks Jonah’s escape route.