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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, August 29
Brannon Howse: August 29, 2016
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The annual Burning Man event is about to occur and why should you care? Burning Man takes place in the desert of Nevada with some 68,000 people attending. If you want to understand the worldview of many of the students on the college campus of today as well as many well known corporate titans then you must understand the worldview embodied in the Burning Man event. This program will have you laughing in parts as well as finding yourself feeling very sorry for the future of these people unless they hear and respond to the gospel. Topic: We take your calls that include two callers that have first hand reports on the Burning Man event. 



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Should Christians Be Proud of America (Part One)

Worldview Radio Hour: Program #41

Originally Aired: SEPTEMBER 1, 2015

Dr. John Whitcomb joins us for another installment of Ask Dr. John. Question: How can our great country ever be united when we as Christians have so many denominations, tenets and beliefs all from the same Bible? It seems that Christians cannot even unite themselves. Question: Can you explain more about Goliath and his brothers? Question:I have heard David referred to as a priest/king and heard it said that he was a type of Christ in this way (cf. Zech. 6:12-13). Is this correct, and how can I better understand this? Question: Matthew 24:19 confuses me. Wouldn’t those who are pregnant or that have children already be raptured before the Tribulation? Question: Please explain 2 Corinthians 5:8. Question: Who were the best dispensational teachers of the past? Question: Could the anti-Christ be a Muslim? Question: Can a person know that he is saved forever even if there is no evidence in his life? Is he still saved eternally? Question: What does Scripture say about slanderous statements against a Christian who has departed to be with Christ made by someone who also claims to be a Christian? Topic: We take your calls.

Revealing the Truth About Islam (#877)

Today on PTIB we go to Washington to Ken Timmerman, on the "catbird seat", and Ken will give Jimmy DeYoung a geo-political prospective to the end of times scenario found in Bible Prophecy. Jimmy and Ken will discuss the Iranian war-ships attacking US Warships under American flags; Turkey warns Syrian Kurds to move to the East oI the River Euphrates; the Turkey-Iran-Russian connection; ex-Commander of a major  commando unit  in Iran is forming an elite commando unit called "Shite Liberation Army": Ahmedinejad, a former President of Iran, is planning a come-back, this time to finish the job of wiping Israel off the face of the Earth.

Savoy Confession
Is there anything good in Congregationalism?

Often the most radiant believers are the ones who suffer the most. The Holy Spirit shines in the lives of many whose road has been hard. Let’s take a final look at the work and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

Do Not Hinder Them part 24

There is a passage of Scripture that gives us a remarkable insight into so much of what we have been discussing in this series. It is not a passage commonly thought of in these terms but it is truly insightful. Join me today as we look at what Daniel 1 has to say about childhood conversion. 


Jimmy DeYoung and Dave James have their weekly conversation today on PTIB. They will discuss how the Church is turning against the Jewish State of Israel; how a number of Church Councils have made these decisions during Church Conferences; they are calling Israel "colonialist" , occupiers of the land called Palestine, which has never been a real state in our world; and the Church Councils have basically made decisions that are "anti-Semetic".

Host Wayne Shepherd takes us back to our very first radio program in this special edition of “Encounter God’s Truth.”

It was a program that was drawn from the book of Acts and entitled, “The Beginning of Something New.” This series was meant to explain the motivation behind our new radio outreach, and you may have expected our speaker, Dr. John Whitcomb, to share his vision for the broadcast in that first message. But—in typical fashion—he jumped right into explaining the powerful section of Scripture that we focused on in Acts 1.

We are currently “Celebrating Five Years of EGT” in a special anniversary series—this week offering thanksgiving for “The Goodness of God.”

Wayne adds a few additional thoughts about our history, and closes the program with a question for Dr. Whitcomb about God the Father’s role in the discussion in Acts 1.

How we rejoice in the opportunity that the Lord has given us for five years—to meet with you weekly and share the message that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end!

Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control – these are the fruit of the spirit. They stand in stark contrast with the behavior of those who do not know God. Here is a contrast between the works of the flesh and the works of the Spirit.  

Churches and denominations are having to make a lot of decisions today as it relates to topics such as gay marriage and homosexuality. As a consequence, many believers are fearful of being labeled as 'haters' so they begin to trivialize the threat by categorizing homosexuality as just another sin.

The guest on this Crosstalk believes that homosexuality is not just another sin and can be proven from Genesis to Revelation. In fact, he sees homosexuality as a symbol of extreme rebellion against God and also something by which we've seen the wrath of God poured out by way of judgment.

Joining Jim to discuss his Bible-based view on the matter was Scott Lively. Scott is the president of Abiding Truth Ministries and director of the Pro-Family Law Center. Scott is also a pastor, attorney, author, public speaker and pro-family defender of the biblical view of marriage and the family.

Scott believes there's a dangerous, modern heresy known as 'gay theology' that is infiltrating the church. It began in the 1980's by a Yale college professor named John Boswell. Scott described it as a reinterpretation of the Scripture in which all the passages related to homosexuality (and sexual issues in general) are redefined in order to legitimize them in the eyes of God. This way people who want to identify as homosexual can claim that this is the way God intended things and there's really nothing in the Bible that speaks against what they want to do.

Since some claim that homosexuality is merely a sin like any other, Jim asked Scott if he believes in different degrees of sin. Scott noted that in the eyes of God all sin is equal in the sense that every sin will keep you out of the presence of God. However, in human affairs, sin is ranked by its severity because of what it means in terms of consequences for individuals and society. That's why murder is punished as a capital offense and gossip is not.

Scott believes that the widespread emergence of homosexuality and its worldwide celebration is designed to test the faithfulness of the church to the Word of God. More specifically, Scott believes we are in the end-times and we are being prepared as a body for a time when the antichrist will appear on the scene and all believer's will be presented with the challenge concerning the mark of the beast. So it seems that the issue of homosexuality and the way it's being addressed in society and the church is a type of 'dress rehearsal' for that event. In other words, will believers stand for biblical truth or will they capitulate to a worldly, compromised perspective that says there's nothing wrong with that which God calls an abomination.

Scott also deals with...

...the Genesis one-flesh paradigm that is the foundation for all civilization. the Old Testament stories dealing with sex are cautionary tales (examples

of what not to do) and the consequences of doing them.

...the common elements between the time of Noah and our era.

...the hijacking of the rainbow by the homosexual community.

...the fallacy behind the hospitality argument that so-called Christian

homosexuals use to interpret Genesis 19.

...answered questions from Crosstalk listeners and much more.


Chris discusses the new documentary: "Bridge to Babylon: Rome, Ecumenism & the Bible." Perhaps the chief threat to the faith once delivered unto the saints is the ongoing attack against the Bible as the inspired and inerrant Word of God.  "Bridge" traces the history of the modern critical movement from the time of Westcott and Hort who changed the text of the New Testament in 1881.  They are often blamed for helping to usher in a new era of Biblical
skepticism, and many believe that the acceptance of their textual theory has systematically eroded trust in the infallible authority Scripture.  Also discussed is some of the history of paleography and its development by the Church of Rome.  Why is paleography important? And was it developed by Rome as part of the Counter Reformation?

Do Not Hinder Them, part 23

Modern evangelicalism says that we should put the Gospel in easy terms that a child can understand. True, in and of itself. But does this mean that we should also withhold from them the very real costs of following Christ? Should we tell a child about persecution?

Today and next week we’re going to discuss a number of issues related to the Roman Catholic Church, and my guest to talk about this is Greg Durel. He’s the pastor of Heritage Bible Church of Gretna, Louisiana, and he has a weekday radio ministry that is devoted to educating Catholics in biblical doctrine— biblical doctrine. 

This Crosstalk program is one of contrasts—-telling of the taking of physical life in California, but also the offer of spiritual life through Christian literature.

The program began with a tragic update on 2-year-old Israel Stinson, who was declared brain dead after an unusual event: a heart attack on April 1, 2016, which deprived his body of oxygen due to 40 minutes of CPR.  The family did not want to give up and fought to keep Israel on the ventilator that provided him with oxygen while obtaining opinions from neurologists both in the United States and in Guatemala, stating that he was not in fact “brain dead”.  A court order was obtained barring the hospital in Los Angeles from disconnecting the ventilator until early September to give time for further medical analysis.  But then, in an abrupt, unexpected, and surprise decision, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge on Thursday, August 25, 2016, dissolved that injunction, the ventilator was promptly turned off, and shortly afterwards Israel Stinson died—-and his family was chased from his bedside at that traumatic moment.

Rick Bach is Manager of the VCY Bookstore & Outreach Center, a branch of VCY America in Milwaukee.  This month the VCY Bookstore is celebrating 20 years of ministry. It is unlike the most bookstores across the country in that it is truly ministry focused.  Unlike the tragedy to physical life we spoke of in the first section, our bookstore provides help to the spiritual life.

Rick says their goal is to make the bookstore an “oasis”, providing materials and training, that point to the new life found in Jesus Christ, and that feed the new spiritual life with biblical information and inspiration.  Because Jesus Christ is life, He gives hope beyond the tragedies of this world.  The bookstore does not replace, but augments the preaching and teaching of God's Word in faithful local churches.  It is vital that believers feed on God's Word every day of the week, while looking forward to the high point of the week when they gather together each Sunday.

This kind of daily “feeding” on God's Word enables Christians to celebrate and rejoice in their life in Christ, despite the fact that the many tragic and ungodly events continue to take place around them.

Among the resources mentioned were the Thompson Chain Reference Bible as a valuable resource to connect thousands of subjects by providing links to verses throughout the Bible that provide additional information.  It facilitates allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture.  It is not, and does not contain, a Bible commentary.  Rather it is Scripture interconnected to assist in Bible study.  Other features include summaries of each book of the Bible, a harmony of the gospels, archeology as it supports facts in Scripture, Messianic prophecies, portraits of various Bible characters, including an extensive portrait of Jesus Christ as He is presented in Scripture, and much more.

Also mentioned is the Rose Book of Bible Charts, with fold-out folders including a Bible Time Line, and of the Genealogy of Jesus.  Many other charts organize information relating to Bible characters, Bible stories, and much more. The user has the right to copy these charts to use as hand-outs in Sunday School or Bible Studies.

The annual Burning Man event is about to occur and why should you care? Burning Man takes place in the desert of Nevada with some 68,000 people attending. If you want to understand the worldview of many of the students on the college campus of today as well as many well known corporate titans then you must understand the worldview embodied in the Burning Man event. This program will have you laughing in parts as well as finding yourself feeling very sorry for the future of these people unless they hear and respond to the gospel. Topic: We take your calls that include two callers that have first hand reports on the Burning Man event.