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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Friday, July 31
Brannon Howse: July 31, 2015
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Is the Church of Rome evolving on same-sex marriage just in time to protect their assets from law suits through hate crimes laws or just in time for a generation that sees the church as old-fashion and intolerance? Could this be the reason behind the details are now emerging of a May 25, 2015 secret “shadow council” which gathered self-described theologians, led by the German bishops, at a Jesuit university in Rome. The Jesuits have been reported to the most homosexual order in the Church of Rome. Could this be the issue? The details from this secret meeting are not so secret now and reports claim that participants were discussing moral issues divided into three parts: sexuality as an expression of love and “a theology of love”; and on the gift of life and “a narrative theology” – theology based on personal experience. Brannon explains how the theology of love or narrative theology is very similar to the theology of hope as promoted in the 1960s by Jürgen Moltmann. This theology of hope sought to merge good and evil and promote personal experience over truth. This is exactly what this shadow council discussed as described by the Catholic News Agency in a July 29, 2015 article entitled: 'Shadow council' speaker pushes Church acceptance of contraception, gay sex. The CNA reported that the council is denying that any acts are intrinsically evil. The CAN concluded its report as follows: In the end, the proposal of the German bishops, and those who stand with them, is one of a human-centered theology: changing with the spirit of the times, and affirming all situations and choices which become widespread. Topic: Jimmy DeYoung joins us to discuss these topics: The Sanhedrin - a religious court in the Israeli judicial system - puts President Obama on trial. The Temple Institute in Jerusalem says they have a ranch and are in the process of producing a red heifer. Islamic State recruitment document seeks to provoke end of the world.

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Peyote Christianity: On today's show, Pastor Mike discusses a wide variety of topics such as systematic theology, abortion, feminism, and Peyote.

Each and every one of us has the potential to influence the world for good. John gives us two examples of individuals in this week’s boralogue who decided to step out in faith and help those in need. The first, George Weidenfeld, escaped the Nazis during WWII when brave Christians spirited him away from danger. Today, at the age of 95, George is still repaying that generosity by helping persecuted Christians in the Middle East escape violent Islamism. And Katherine Locke, a retired nurse in her 70s, helped Kurdish Christians in Iraq during the time of Saddam Hussein. We can make a difference. What will our influence be? A Pakistani Christian, who we’ll name Pastor X, has fled his home with his family to another country. Authorities in that country are threatening to deport them back to Pakistan where being a Christian is a dangerous way of life. John has begun raising funds to help this family complete citizenship paperwork and avoid persecution. If you would like to help, go to our homepage ( and click on the link to support Pastor X. Throughout WWII and the Cold War, the Soviet Union activated several journalists as spies. Matthew Vadum (, Senior Editor at the Capital Research Center, shows that journalists made excellent spies due to their high-level contacts in business and government, and their ability to influence those decision makers. Today, the media have evolved into activist journalists who think of themselves as correspondents of the world with no loyalty to America. Exerting an enormous amount of influence on Pope Francis is his scientific advisor, Hans Schellnhuber, a devout atheist. Rejoining us is Matt Briggs (, Author and Adjunct Professor of Statistics at Cornell University, who discusses the Pope’s latest encyclical, the largely false information contained it, and how Francis’s advisor is pushing for a one –world government with a global council, an earth constitution, and a world court. Finally, we welcome back Luis Fleischman (, Senior Advisor at the Center for Security Policy. He recalls the cover-up surrounding the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, who was investigating an Iranian terrorist attack in Argentina in the 1990s. He shows Argentina’s stand with Iran against perceived imperialism from the West, socialist collaboration between Cuba and Venezuela, and terrorist security threats to the U.S. found in tunnels underneath our borders. As always, join us online for our weekly Section 6 intelligence briefing, featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.

Spiritual Warfare follow-up, part 2 Well, unless something completely unforeseen comes up, this is the last program dealing with Spiritual Warfare. In this week's program Jim Osman, author of Truth or Territory, and I pick up where we left off last week: reading some of your feedback and answering your questions. Jim and I have enjoyed this series with you and thank you for listening. We trust that this series was helpful to you and we thank you for tuning in. Lord willing, Jim will be my guest in some future programs as well. I'm sure you join me in extending sincere appreciation to Jim for helping us understand this issue with biblical clarity.

An Empty Christmas (Philippians 2:5-8)

God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end! One way that Whitcomb Ministries explains that theme on this weekly broadcast, “Encounter God’s Truth,” is by answering questions. This week special guest speaker Ken Ham is going to address some very profound questions, such as: How do we share the gospel with today’s culture? Do people in our postmodern world understand what we mean when we talk about concepts such as God, sin, salvation, heaven and hell? And how can we show them that the Bible is grounded in real history? Ken Ham is the president of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter, and we so appreciate Calvary Baptist Church in Watertown, Wisconsin, for allowing us to broadcast his message called, “The Seven C’s of History.” Host Wayne Shepherd and Bible teacher Dr. John Whitcomb end the program with the conclusion of a talk about the importance of the doctrine of the pre-tribulational rapture. We trust that this week’s program will be a blessing and encouragement to you!

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has a conversation with Dave James about Planned Parenthood and their selling of "body parts" of un-born babies. These video tapes, that have been in the news the last several weeks, of personnel from Planned Parenthood selling "body parts" from these babies to those who have an agenda for these human organs that is contrary to Biblical Principle. Jimmy and Dave will also talk about the founder of PP and her connection to Hitler.

THE SHADOW COUNCIL AT A JESUIT UNIVERSITY: Chris discusses the latest development from the so-called "shadow council" that gathered Catholic prelates and theologians at a Jesuit university in Rome. The Catholic News Agency reports that the representatives of this mysterious group are promoting homosexuality and contraception, while at the same time denying that any acts are "intrinsically evil." The council met to discuss their goals for the next Synod on the Family to be held later this year, in October 2015. Now that SCOTUS has approved of homosexual "marriage," will the Vatican be next? Chris also discusses the new proposal for a Convention of States and why many critics believe it is a terrible idea.

Jim had plenty of information to pass along to listeners on another edition of the Crosstalk News Round-Up & Comment. Stories included: --The Senate will be voting Monday on a new bill that will totally defund Planned Parenthood (S-1881). --President Obama's top spokesman said that there's essentially no evidence that Planned Parenthood acted in an unethical manner by selling body parts of aborted babies so there's no reason to defund Planned Parenthood. --President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, has made personal visits to the White House 39 times since the President took office. --More black babies aborted than born in New York City in 2013. --A pro-Life website is slamming Jeb Bush for his years as head of philanthropy for the Bloomberg Family Foundation that grants millions of dollars to support abortion worldwide.

Peter knew that his life would not end in a jail cell. But when an angel opened the prison doors, the young church could not believe he was free. Then again, would we have thought any differently?

Devils and Aliens: Jesus was fully man and fully God. He is the only One who can rescue us from the devil and Hell. Do some people believe in Hell and not believe in Jesus? Listen to Pastor Mike discuss these statements before looking at an article by B.B. Warfield titled "Alien Righteousness." What is Alien Righteousness and why is it important for us to understand? Listen in to find out!

The Sensitivity of Muslims vs the Reality of Mohammed (Program #22)

Normally we find Itamar Marcus, Director of Palestinian Media Watch, in Israel, but this time Itamar is in Canada to address an International Education Conference. Jimmy DeYoung will have a conversation with Itamar on the subject of the education that the Palestinian children are receiving from the Palestinian Authority Education system. It's basically a "hate message", teaching the children to hate the Jewish people; they are taught that Jews come from "apes"; and to honor Hitler. This is a very important program.

Joining Jim to discuss this was Mat Staver. Mat is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, an international nonprofit, litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious freedom, the sanctity of life and the family. Mat began by commenting on undercover video footage featuring a high-level Planned Parenthood representative. The organization is now backtracking to try and explain comments that point to the alleged practice of dissection and body parts trafficking. Mat believes they should not only be defunded at the state and federal levels but criminal prosecution charges should be brought about as well. The first Monday after June 26th, county clerks were on the firing line because they were to provide same-sex marriage licenses. He described one instance in Kentucky where the ACLU is not only asking the clerk to issue the licenses, but for her to face punitive, monetary damages.

God goes before us on life’s journey, and every detail will occur just the way He wants it. That’s what happened to the Apostle Peter when he ended up in prison.