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Four Clubs For the Price of One

Broadcast Archive

Part Two: In today’s program, Tom wraps up a two-part series with guest Joe Keim as they address the question: Are the Amish Really Christians?

It's that time of the week for Jimmy DeYoung to have his weekly conversation with Dave James. These two discuss an issue that the Church must have a Biblical prospective of in order to confront this issue in our world today. On PTIB today Jimmy and Dave will discuss where faith comes from; most would say the Bible, but not all; the young preacher in Atlanta, Andy Stanley, says faith does not come from the Bible; this is a very important conversation that you do not want to miss.

The National Anthem of Israel
Please listen in as Pastor Mike preaches this recent sermon from Bethlehem Bible Church titled: "The National Anthem of Israel." Psalm 110 is a key Messianic Psalm that is the basis for the book of Hebrews.

In the previous two programs we have seen “The Need for Christian Evidences”—but what are their limitations?

Dr. John Whitcomb tackles this difficult issue today on “Encounter God’s Truth,” in another message that originated in the auditorium at Appalachian Bible College in Mount Hope, W.V. We thank this good school for allowing us to share it with you.

With help from host Wayne Shepherd, our teacher explains that since God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end, it must be our ultimate authority—even governing how we understand and use apologetics and “Christian Evidences.”

Thank you for listening to and sharing this insightful, faith-building broadcast from Whitcomb Ministries. It is our joy and privilege to meet you weekly on radio and the Internet to communicate this kind of classical Bible teaching. May you be blessed through hearing today!


We’re seeing a paradigm shift in this country made all the more prevalent by this week’s rioting in Charlotte, North Carolina.  In this week’s boralogue, John looks at how tolerance and diversity are not practiced by those adamantly preaching it and how toxic and untrue narratives, espoused by the media and politically correct elites, only add more fuel to the fire.


How prepared are American armed forces to face the threats of today?  Retired Army officer and Silver Star recipient Major General Bob Scales ( joins us to examine U.S. military readiness and sound strategies in war, and to offer practical solutions that will better enable our soldiers to survive on the battlefield.


Continuing our thread on the privatization of the Internet scheduled for the end of September, we welcome Steven Titch (, Policy Advisor at the Heartland Institute, who discusses our administration’s lack of preparation to reign in potential misuse by ICANN and how this plan could open up the Internet to control by governments not friendly to free speech.


College campuses are proving to be a front-line battleground in the war against free speech.  Roger Williams University student and conservative activist William Nardi ( looks at a new ‘respect policy’ enacted at the University of Nebraska and shows that liberalism is way past out of control in academia.  


John’s quote of the week:

“What’s happening now is for people who are black or Hispanic or gay and they leave the politically correct reservation, the vitriol and hatred that pours down upon them is unbelievable.” 


As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.

Rich Young Ruler part 8

Jesus looked at the rich young ruler and said, "One thing you lack, go and sell all you possess and give it to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven, and come, follow Me." This wasn't very seeker sensitive of Jesus. In fact, with a philosophy such as this, Jesus would fail any church growth class in just about any seminary today.

Series: With the Master is Fullness of Joy

Lesson: 24

Title: Four Keys to Contentment

Passage: Philippians 4:10-13

Description: One of the lies in our age is that contentment in life is dependent on my circumstances or the people in my life. One of the most important lessons we can learn early in life and teach to our children is this: If I am not satisfied with what I have, I will never be satisfied with what I want. In this lesson we will consider what contentment is along with how to lay hold of it and keep it. Paul will give us four wonderful keys to contentment in this lesson.

Program #1: Usama exposes the ELCA, document entitled My Neighbor is A Muslim. Usama explains that this document is promoting Chrislam. Usama separates facts from fiction. 



Are You A Feminist? (Part 2)
Most people have been affected by the feminist agenda. Have you been affected? How do you know if you are influenced by feminism?  


It’s really great having an intimate friend. You feel safe, knowing that what’s said stays between the two of you. Here are some thought from the Upper Room on being such a friend, and, on finding such a friend in Jesus.

While life certainly appears to be going on normally in most sectors of American society, preparations are being made for war against us; a war that a particular enemy wants to fight on our own soil. Sadly, our government has known about the preparations for this war since the early '90's. Our government speaks as though there's nothing to worry about and describe those who've given us a taste of what may come via their terrorist acts as nothing more than mentally deranged individuals.

Joining Jim to discuss the proof for such preparations was John Guandolo. John is the founder of He is a former FBI agent that was assigned to the counter-terrorism division. He is a counter-terrorism expert who created and implemented the FBI's first counter-terrorism training/education program. He is the co-author of 'Shariah-The Threat to America' and author of the book, 'Raising a Jihadi Generation'.

Our government has evidence concerning the largest terrorism financing trial in American history. That's the Holy Land Foundation Trial that took place in Dallas in 2008. It was the culmination of 15 years of FBI investigation work. The evidence in that case revealed that the most prominent Islamic organizations are part of a jihadi network on U.S. soil. Their stated objective is to wage civilization jihad until our government is toppled.

According to John, what we see from the time they published their strategic memorandum in 1991, this network has been building thousands of organizations. He believes the response from our government has been one of literally aiding and abetting the enemy.

What's been the result of this effort? This Crosstalk noted the following:

--Terrorist attacks often don't get reported as just that...terrorist attacks.

--Islamic centers/mosques have grown by the thousands. Jim noted that some reports indicate that in 2000 we had 1,209 mosques. According to we now have 3,186 mosques. John indicated that when we were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, mosques from this alleged 'religion of peace' had weapons 100% of the time. Now our allies in France and elsewhere are discovering the same thing in their nations.

--There are a disproportionately large number of Muslim managers and assistant managers in the largest hotels in some of the largest cities in America. Why are Muslims buying up quick marts and gasoline stations? Why is there an increasing number of Muslims working at airports? In fact, at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport, the manager/trainer for baggage handlers for American Airlines is a Hamas leader.

Is this just a random chance, cultural trend? Could it be that it's part of what they have told us they want to do which is to conduct jihad here in the U.S.? As John noted, when you look at this from a military, intelligence collection, logistical and physical weapons training perspective, the jihad preparation conclusion makes sense.

Other questions abound. For example, why has the FBI been known to take out advertisements in the publication for the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization? According to information obtained by our government, they're not only the nucleus for the jihadi movement, but they're also funding Hamas.

John has much more to share on this critical issue as he explains in greater detail how some in the Islamic movement are getting ready for what they call the 'zero hour'.

Chris discusses the history of the Stamp Act and its impact on the early colonies leading up to the American Revolution.  The British Parliament placed a tax on not just stamps, but "every piece of printed paper" that they used.  The act was seen as a clear violation of the boundaries of Parliament's authority, who had been forbidden from making laws to govern the colonies.

Rich Young Ruler, part 7


Jesus confronted the rich young ruler with the moral law of God. The Bible says that Jesus felt a love for him. Does God love all people? Most of us have been taught that He does, but is this really biblical? He loved this man and yet he walked away. Did God really hate Esau as the book of Malachi states? We will spend today's program wrestling with the difficult question of whether or not God loves all people.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has a conversation with Dr Don DeYoung, head of the Science Department at Grace College in  Winona Lake, Indiana, and also an author who has written and lectured on Astronomy, the science that studies the "stars". Jimmy and Don will discuss the British Space Agency project of "mapping" our "Milky Way"; we'll find out how many stars, and galaxies, there are in outer space; and Don believes that there will be stars in the Tribulation Period that will fall on the Earth, Revelation 6 and go dark during that period of time, Revelation 8.

Rich Young Ruler, part 6

Today we discuss why Jesus presented this man with the Law of God. Have you ever noticed Jesus never gave him the Gospel? The Gospel is hanging around in the backdrop but never makes an appearance. Why? Jesus was trying to kill him and we must try to kill people in our evangelism as well. No, not physically, of course. But the Law of God is used to kill self righteousness.


In today’s program, Tom begins a two-part series with guest Joe Keim as they address the question: “Are the Amish Really Christians?”