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Four Clubs For the Price of One

Broadcast Archive

Are You A Feminist? (Part 2)
Most people have been affected by the feminist agenda. Have you been affected? How do you know if you are influenced by feminism?  


It’s really great having an intimate friend. You feel safe, knowing that what’s said stays between the two of you. Here are some thought from the Upper Room on being such a friend, and, on finding such a friend in Jesus.

While life certainly appears to be going on normally in most sectors of American society, preparations are being made for war against us; a war that a particular enemy wants to fight on our own soil. Sadly, our government has known about the preparations for this war since the early '90's. Our government speaks as though there's nothing to worry about and describe those who've given us a taste of what may come via their terrorist acts as nothing more than mentally deranged individuals.

Joining Jim to discuss the proof for such preparations was John Guandolo. John is the founder of He is a former FBI agent that was assigned to the counter-terrorism division. He is a counter-terrorism expert who created and implemented the FBI's first counter-terrorism training/education program. He is the co-author of 'Shariah-The Threat to America' and author of the book, 'Raising a Jihadi Generation'.

Our government has evidence concerning the largest terrorism financing trial in American history. That's the Holy Land Foundation Trial that took place in Dallas in 2008. It was the culmination of 15 years of FBI investigation work. The evidence in that case revealed that the most prominent Islamic organizations are part of a jihadi network on U.S. soil. Their stated objective is to wage civilization jihad until our government is toppled.

According to John, what we see from the time they published their strategic memorandum in 1991, this network has been building thousands of organizations. He believes the response from our government has been one of literally aiding and abetting the enemy.

What's been the result of this effort? This Crosstalk noted the following:

--Terrorist attacks often don't get reported as just that...terrorist attacks.

--Islamic centers/mosques have grown by the thousands. Jim noted that some reports indicate that in 2000 we had 1,209 mosques. According to we now have 3,186 mosques. John indicated that when we were fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, mosques from this alleged 'religion of peace' had weapons 100% of the time. Now our allies in France and elsewhere are discovering the same thing in their nations.

--There are a disproportionately large number of Muslim managers and assistant managers in the largest hotels in some of the largest cities in America. Why are Muslims buying up quick marts and gasoline stations? Why is there an increasing number of Muslims working at airports? In fact, at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport, the manager/trainer for baggage handlers for American Airlines is a Hamas leader.

Is this just a random chance, cultural trend? Could it be that it's part of what they have told us they want to do which is to conduct jihad here in the U.S.? As John noted, when you look at this from a military, intelligence collection, logistical and physical weapons training perspective, the jihad preparation conclusion makes sense.

Other questions abound. For example, why has the FBI been known to take out advertisements in the publication for the Islamic Society of North America, the largest Muslim Brotherhood organization? According to information obtained by our government, they're not only the nucleus for the jihadi movement, but they're also funding Hamas.

John has much more to share on this critical issue as he explains in greater detail how some in the Islamic movement are getting ready for what they call the 'zero hour'.

Chris discusses the history of the Stamp Act and its impact on the early colonies leading up to the American Revolution.  The British Parliament placed a tax on not just stamps, but "every piece of printed paper" that they used.  The act was seen as a clear violation of the boundaries of Parliament's authority, who had been forbidden from making laws to govern the colonies.

Rich Young Ruler, part 7


Jesus confronted the rich young ruler with the moral law of God. The Bible says that Jesus felt a love for him. Does God love all people? Most of us have been taught that He does, but is this really biblical? He loved this man and yet he walked away. Did God really hate Esau as the book of Malachi states? We will spend today's program wrestling with the difficult question of whether or not God loves all people.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has a conversation with Dr Don DeYoung, head of the Science Department at Grace College in  Winona Lake, Indiana, and also an author who has written and lectured on Astronomy, the science that studies the "stars". Jimmy and Don will discuss the British Space Agency project of "mapping" our "Milky Way"; we'll find out how many stars, and galaxies, there are in outer space; and Don believes that there will be stars in the Tribulation Period that will fall on the Earth, Revelation 6 and go dark during that period of time, Revelation 8.

Rich Young Ruler, part 6

Today we discuss why Jesus presented this man with the Law of God. Have you ever noticed Jesus never gave him the Gospel? The Gospel is hanging around in the backdrop but never makes an appearance. Why? Jesus was trying to kill him and we must try to kill people in our evangelism as well. No, not physically, of course. But the Law of God is used to kill self righteousness.


In today’s program, Tom begins a two-part series with guest Joe Keim as they address the question: “Are the Amish Really Christians?” 

Perhaps you’ve made many friends along life’s road. Jesus told us how true love is manifested: that a man lay down his life for his friends. Is this the kind of love manifested in your life, and in mine?

Students that have already started school are being told they will be prohibited from attending any more classes if they have not received all of their required immunizations. Workers in the health care profession and even those unrelated to health care are also being told they must have certain vaccinations or their jobs are on the line. The Centers for Disease Control is seeking to expand their powers concerning vaccinations. They even want to take into custody and involuntarily quarantine travelers who either have symptoms or have been exposed to someone who might have a communicable disease.

Joining Jim to discuss these and other vaccine related concerns was Barbara Loe Fisher. Barbara is president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity she co-founded with parents of DPT vaccine injured children in 1982. For over three decades, she has led a national grassroots movement and public information campaign to institute vaccine safety reforms and informed consent protections in the public health system. She has researched, analyzed and publicly articulated the major issues involving the science, policy, law, ethics and politics of vaccination to become one of the world's leading non-medical, consumer advocacy experts on the subject. She is co-author of 'DPT: A Shot in the Dark' and author of 'The Consumer's Guide to Childhood Vaccines' and 'Vaccines, Autism & Chronic Inflammation: The New Epidemic'.

Concerning students in the Baltimore area that would be barred from school for not having the required immunizations, Barbara feels it's outrageous that parents are being put into a corner and threatened. She was reminded of a time in 2007 when she went to a courthouse in Maryland where the public health department had issued a threat to parents around the state who's children had not received Hepatitis B or Chicken Pox vaccinations. They said non-complying parents would be jailed and fined.

Barbara believes that if the vaccines are effective, then there shouldn't be such incredible fear of the children who's parents have filed medical, religious or conscience-based objections. She explained that when parents do take an exemption for their child they usually have good reasons for doing it. The problem is that the medical exemption has been narrowed over the last 20 years so that almost no medical reason or health condition qualifies as a reason for a child not to get a vaccine. In fact, all the medical trade organizations that represent the various types of doctors in America have come out for elimination of all exemptions to vaccines except the medical one. This makes even immuno-compromised children candidates for vaccinations.

Barbara also explained that there's no liability or accountability for anyone who produces, sells or distributes, licenses, recommends or gives a vaccine for universal use or mandates it. If you or your child becomes brain-injured or dies after vaccination, no one is accountable for that injury or death in a civil court of law. This is why Barbara believes informed consent must apply to vaccinations in the U.S. and we should not be held hostage by public health officials and doctors who've taken the no-exceptions approach.

To prove her point, Barbara described the story of a California pediatrician who works with patients under the idea of informed consent as it relates to vaccines. He's under threat of having his medical license taken away for giving a medical exemption to a child because under a previous round of vaccinations, the child exhibited certain reactions.

What punishments are yet to come? Could some people see their jobs disappear? Could people be denied access to hotels, buses, planes or even certain sporting events? Where will this end? Become informed so that you can make a difference when you review this edition of Crosstalk.

Today Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners on PTIB, each with a very important report. Dr Rob Congdon will have a European Union Up-date and report that at the recent EU Summit, France and Germany recommended that work begin on putting an EU military operation in place. But first, Usama Dakdok will explain to us the reason for the Islamic "Hajj". This is key to our understanding of the reason for millions of Muslims making a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia, one of the "pillars" of the Islamic faith.

The Bannes
What is the Bannes? Have you ever been at a Service when the Bannes was read? Should it still be done? Tune in to find out.

Rich Young Ruler, part 5

Today's program will begin with me reading and answering a question from a listener dealing with our previous topic of conversation, i.e., childhood conversion. This is a great question from one of our listeners and then we will return to our discussion of Mark 10:17-31.


Topic: Several evangelicals are stating that Christians must support the building of Mosques in America or we are undermining freedom of religion as well as inviting government control of religion. Why is this not only a straw man argument but actually 100% false? The government has a God ordained role to make for a stable and just society and to punish evil doers. Just because someone has a set of religious beliefs does not mean they can do whatever they want. For example, polygamy is not legally justifiable because one claims it is a doctrine of their religious worldview. Neither can a child be married to an adult under religious justification. Muslims do not have a right to build Mosques if they are going to be centers for terrorist training, indoctrination that encourages terrorism and promotes Sharia over American law which inevitably encouraging the overthrow of the American government. Topic: Learn how the Muslim Mufti of Israel is credited for being the force behind encouraging Adolf Hitler to implement the Final Solution and the murder of 6 million Jews. Topic: How did France, America, and Great Britain drop the ball when it came to Amin al-Husseini that we are perhaps paying the price for today? Topic: We take your calls. 

This time on PTIB we will get a Middle East News Up-date from Dave Dolan. Jimmy DeYoung, host of PTIB, will speak with Dave about the current events happening in the State of Israel and get the insight on these stories from Dave, who has much to bring to the Broadcast Table. Jimmy and Dave will discuss the UN Sec General saying that the Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria are illegal and the Jewish settlers must be removed from them; Israel and the US have signed the largest-ever military aid deal; and Education Minister Bennet says that Bible is the most important subject in school.



How to encourage Christians
Everyone needs encouragement. How do you encourage people? Does Hebrews address encouragement?