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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, April 20
Brannon Howse: April 20, 2015
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Guest: Rob Congdon author of The European Union and the Supra-Religion. Over 2500 years ago God revealed through the prophet Daniel that the Roman Empire will revive as a world power prior to the return of Jesus Christ to establish His earthly, Millennial Kingdom. Inspired by Satan, this empire will be "diverse" or unique in history, uniting a supra-government with a world-wide supra-religion. In his attempt to thwart Christ's return to claim His kingdom, Satan will use this empire to persecute and nearly destroy Israel, a nation crucial to the program of God. Dr. Congdon presents a compelling case, demonstrating just how the European Union may in fact be the embryo of the restored Roman Empire. His Bible knowledge and analytical engineering background, coupled with his six-year EU residency, give him a unique perspective on world events and enable him to explore the possibility that the "stage" is being set for the final act in God's revealed plan for history. Dr. Robert Congdon is well qualified to teach on the European Union and the Bible, as he has spent many years involved internationally in industry as well as ministering in the United Kingdom and Europe. Topic: We take your calls.

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Jim Schneider brought listeners up-to-date on the latest activities in the news by presenting the following stories: --Parents and students show support for former teacher in Lamar, Texas, over Islamic handout controversy. --Union Grove High School in Union Grove, Wisconsin, embroiled in controversy over assignment that required students to write a 5 paragraph essay pretending to be a Muslim and the daily struggles they would face as a student in the U.S. --A school in Mason, Ohio, had a 'covered girl challenge' in which the Muslim Student Association asked female students to wear a hijab to celebrate the diversity of the school and promote open-mindedness. --Iowa high school barred from starting a pro-life club on campus because it's controversial. --Italian police say 15 African Muslim migrants arrested after witnesses claim the refugees threw 12 Christians into the Mediterranean after a brawl. --14 year old Christian boy doused with petroleum and set on fire because of his faith died Tuesday in Pakistan.

The Immensity Of God–Part 2 It is hard to comprehend with our finite minds how powerful and amazing God is. But, the scripture helps us. The Bible tells us that God knows everything about everyone. He sees us wherever we go and knows everything we think and will say. He even knows every sin we will ever commit. The most amazing part is despite that, God loves His children! On today’s show, Pastor Mike continues to preaches a sermon on Psalm 139 which tells us how awesome this God is.

Moses in the Koran versus the Biblical truth (Program #4)

Jimmy DeYoung, on today's edition of PTIB, will speak with Dave Dolan who has a MIddle East News Up-date on the broadcast . These two journalist will discuss a number of issues from that region of the world. Jimmy and Dave will speak about the Israeli PM calling Russian President Putin about the delivery of the s-300 missiles to Iran.

FIGHTING THE LORD'S BATTLES Chris discusses a powerful devotional written by Charles Spurgeon in the 19th century, during a period where the Protestant churches were under attack. Spurgeon believed that forces were at work "to restore the Romish Antichrist to his ancient seat." Also discussed is the Pope's upcoming encyclical on Climate Change that is said will address environmental concerns. Coincidentally, President Obama has said there is "no greater threat" to our future than climate change. What is the significance of the environmental movement? And why do some believe it is a danger to mankind?

One of the most important Bible verses for having a clear conscience is 1 John 1:9. Let’s look at the process of daily confession of sin and how it keeps the way clear between us and God.

Rick Manning is President of Americans for Limited Government. They are a non-partisan organization working to identify, expose and work with Congress and state legislatures to prevent the continued expansion of government. A major trade agreement is being negotiated by the Obama administration, called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). It is being described as the most comprehensive trade pact since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). But Mr. Manning sees many problems, not the least of which is that the treaty is being negotiated in secret, so that few details are being released. It is supposed to be a wonderful means of increasing the ability of American companies to do business overseas, and a number of manufacturing and business organizations are promoting its approval. The theory is that if it is "good for business, it is good for America". But if it is that good, why are details of the treaty not being presented as evidence of its benefits? But others are concerned that it will not be "good" for America. They look at NAFTA, which among other things, resulted in the loss of huge numbers of American jobs to workers in other countries. The concern is this will have a much greater effect, since it will effectively affect trade world-wide, not just in North America. In addition, besides "trade" concerns, it is expected that the treaty will deal with "global warming", environmental concerns, gun control, abortion, the loosening of patent protections, and many other controversial issues being promoted by the Obama administration.

Jesus Quest: Program #9:David is leading us through a series on Jesus Quest. This is a look at how liberals, posing as evangelicals, are on a quest to discover the real Jesus. Sadly, their Jesus is not the Jesus of the Bible.

With the Master in Heavenly Places Lesson 1 "Intro to the Epistle of Ephesians!" Ephesians 1.1-2

This week the country observed the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. John examines the many contradictions that have plagued our nation since Lincoln's time. Those who preach tolerance are being anything but. We can stop being racists by being obsessed with it. We can all be diverse and different, but only by being the same. We may not even realize that we're sleepwalking into World War III. However did we get here? That's the direction of the program for today. First we turn to Diana West (, journalist and author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character. She discusses the steady stealthy Marxist infiltration of our government that began in the 1930s, and how this has shaped decisions made in the years since. She also compares the Cold War deals made between the U.S. and the Soviet Union with the impending framework deal with Iran. What is the social contract and what happens when the citizens of a state believe their government is violating it? Dr. Pippa Malmgren, Ph.D. (, former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush on economic policy, analyzes the oftentimes turbulent renegotiation of the social contract between citizens and their state. There should be a balance of power between the individual or corporation to make a profit and the power of the state to tax them. When this fails, problems develop. Join us for our Section 6 intelligence briefing, featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world. This week, John takes an extensive look at the IMF and the endgame of climate change advocates for a carbon tax. Like us on Facebook at the Steel on Steel page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians on Facebook for the latest information concerning Christians suffering for their faith around the world.

On today's program, JD discusses Westboro protesting outside Jesse Johnson's church, Rachel Held-Evans going back to church, and a cow with a prophecy.

Our subject for today is the prosperity gospel, and our guest to discuss the issues with me is Anton Bosch. He’s the pastor of Sun Valley Community Church just north of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley.

Profaning The Sacrifice Of Christ–The Sin Of Presumption. Roman Catholics teach that assurance of salvation is sinful. Can you know you are going to heaven? Is hope different than assurance?

Moses in the Koran versus the Biblical truth (Program #3)

Why The Resurrection Matters (I Corinthians 13:12-19)

Do you anticipate receiving a reward from Christ when you stand before His Judgment Seat? On this edition of “Encounter God’s Truth,” Bible scholar Dr. John Whitcomb will inform and motivate us that we may present to the Lord gold, silver and precious stones when we meet Him on the awesome day of judgment for believers. Wayne Shepherd, our host, also asks Dr. Whitcomb what specific types of works we can do that will be considered valuable in terms of Paul’s instructions in 1 Corinthians 3:12. God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end, and we want to help you understand that Word and prepare for the future! Thank you for listening.