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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Monday, July 6
Brannon Howse: July 6, 2015
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Topic: Over the Fourth of July Brannon noticed many liberals cheering liberty and it seemed as though they were implying that the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage was the liberty they were celebrating. Brannon explains that America has for many years celebrated the liberty of Libertas that is really a sexual liberty. In fact as Brannon describes, the National Park Service even admits that the robes of the Statue of Liberty are the robes of Libertas. If you want to understand how some are celebrating liberty and others fear tyranny then you need to understand the meaning of liberty according to unsaved people. Topic: Hear an audio clip of Megyn Kelly of Fox News and her liberal position on same-sex marriage. Yet, Kelly is listed as an invited speaker to the fall of 2015 Values Voters Summit. Perhaps the American Family Association and Family Research Council need to boycott their own conference. Does this not further reveal just how Biblically incompetent and confused most of the leaders of the pro-family industrial complex really are? Topic: Hear an audio of James Dobson that seems to reveal his lack of Biblical understanding of Romans 1. Topic: Hear an audio clip of Jesse Johnson giving his flock a Biblical understanding and response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage. Topic: We take your calls.

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As Jim noted at the beginning of this broadcast, the Supreme Court decision on homosexual marriage doesn't change marriage. Truth remains truth and falsehood doesn't become truth. This decision will impact what your children learn in government schools, it will have ramifications as to how it affects physicians and the kind of business you're involved in. Although it's just a sample, many of the stories listed below show the impact this ruling is already having on the American social, political and religious landscape: --An audio cut from President Obama where he tells an audience how good the White House looked in rainbow colors in spite of the fact that he could only see it on a TV screen.

Jesus was no ordinary man. He had command over nature, which was something they had never seen. Peter, filled with faith with His eyes on Christ, stepped toward Jesus, walking on the sea.

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung begins a five part series with his Broadcast Partners on United States relations with the Islamic World, Israel, the Palestinians, and the European Union. Ken Timmerman will join Jimmy to discuss US relations with the different member-states of the Islamic World. This conversation between Jimmy and Ken will help each of us to see how this world is the "stage" for the final "drama" in the end time scenario found in Bible Prophecy.

The Apostate PCUSA: On today's show, Pastor Mike and Pastor Steve discuss PCUSA's allowing homosexual marriage.

Our guest is Keith Gibson, and the topic has been homosexuality. Keith is a pastor, and he’s the author of a terrific book called Wandering Stars: Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles and Prophets.

Evan Burns Interview: Evan discusses overseas' missions, the gospel, Adoniram Judson and suffering.

The Sensitivity of Muslims vs the Reality of Mohammed (Program #2)

State of the Union, part 1 I normally do not address politics but given the recent momentous decision by the United States Supreme Court to enshrine homosexual marriage, I want to discuss this from a biblical perspective. Is God going to judge this nation? Will this, as some say, finally bring God to the end of his patience towards us? I would argue that it is not a matter of if or even when God will judge us, but that He already is. In part 1 of this 2 part series entitled the State of the Union we will look at what God's Word says about what we are seeing regarding this fast degradation of our society.

Sharing the Gospel at Work: In this session Dr. Anthony Silvestro (dentist, evangelist and creation speaker) discusses how he shares the Gospel at his office. Dr. Silvestro talks about the reactions of his patients and the legal aspects of promoting religion in the workplace.

Just a little over a week ago our nation's Supreme Court did the "unthinkable" by voting to allow people of the same sex to marry. We as believers are in mourning and yet some other "believer's" are rejoicing because they think God does not condemn homosexuality. Their thinking is absurd of course when we read in God's Word that He ,says it is an abomination, and that is something that we used to be before salvation, not something we are after salvation. So that begs a few questions: Is there no difference between the old man and the new man? Is there no hope for those who are enslaved in sin, whether it is homosexuality or some other sin? What does God say? We will consider what God says through the apostle Paul as Paul will give us five characteristics of the old man and five characteristics of the new man as we study Ephesians 4:17-24.

As we celebrate our great nation’s 239th birthday, it is important to remember that this country was founded not on the principle tolerance, but of freedom. The many problems we face to today with racial issues or same sex marriage could be solved rather simply: we’ll each have the freedom to do what we want and we’ll respect each other’s right to do it. The solution, however, does not appear to be that simple. Instead, “tolerance” prevails, allowing one group to shut down debate and demand everyone march in lockstep. With freedoms deteriorating, we would ask the founders and soldiers who worked so hard to preserve those freedoms: was it worth it? Like many of you, we are taking a break this week to celebrate the Independence Day holiday. Today’s program features a presentation John gave on Memorial Day this year at Candlelight Christian Fellowship in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. He asks whether those brave men and women died in vain to protect our freedoms. We are exchanging one set of rights for another set of rights, and the rights we were given under the Constitution are being ignored. In fact, they are slowly eroding. How did this happen? John recalls the history of the educational system in America and its gradual decline due to Marxism. He points out the contradictions posed by the media elite in revising our country’s history. The question of whether they died in vain can only be answer by us. Will we fight against this infiltration? Will we, with one loud voice, declare, “I will not sit down! I will not shut up!”

A Biblical Perspective on the Nation of Israel (Selected Scriptures)

Welcome to a special patriotic edition of "Encounter God’s Truth." You know Dr. John Whitcomb as a Bible teacher, author and educator. But did you know that he served in a field artillery battalion in the Army in Europe during World War II? And that his family has a rich history of military service? This week’s broadcast varies from our normal format, as we are going to listen to a portion of an interview that Brannon Howse recently conducted with Dr. Whitcomb on his program, “Worldview Weekend Radio,” where Dr. Whitcomb appears regularly as a guest. They held this conversation in April of 2015, after Dr. Whitcomb went to tour Washington, D.C., on the Indy Honor Flight. They discussed that memorable event, then went into some of the details that Dr. Whitcomb remembers from World War II. We are grateful for Brannon's permission to bring this unforgettable audio to you. Host Wayne Shepherd helps us see how this intimate remembrance of history causes us to learn once again that God’s Word is true from the beginning to the end!

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has Mike Gendron as his Broadcast Partner and Mike will give us an update on the activities happening at the Vatican in Rome and the fact that Pope Francis is now pushing the "global warming" agenda; the re-distribution of wealth; and a "global community" with a one-world religion and economic system, Revelation 17 and 18.

INDEPENDENCE DAY Chris discusses the Fourth of July celebration and what Independence Day originally symbolized. Has our country abandoned its original meaning? Also discussed is the controversial Treaty of Tripoli and its significance in history. Was the U.S. Constitution created based upon Biblical principles? And if not, what principles were at work?