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Worldview Weekend Radio

Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, April 26
Brannon Howse: April 26, 2016
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Guest: Dr. John Whitcomb joins us for Ask Dr. John. Question: How and when will Acts 1:11 be fulfilled? Question: Why are there so many divisions in churches? Question: How can I know what kinds of Christian books I can trust?
Question: Is the state of Christianity going forward or backward in our world today? Question: How should we evaluate missionaries who come through our church? Question: Please explain Acts 4:32-37. Question: What is the best way to find Biblical counsel for someone who is deeply troubled? Question: Can someone who rejects the gospel now still be saved following the rapture?

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Allah is Satan and Jesus is God (Part Thirteen)

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung makes contact with Ken Timmerman, in the catbird seat in Washington, and the two talk about geo-political events happening around our world that seemingly are setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. Jimmy and Ken will discuss President Obama's trip to Saudi Arabia, to mend their break in the good relations they have had in the past; Bahrain's Parliament declaring a state of war on Iran and Hizbullah; Syria vows to use the UN to help then take the Golan Heights from Israel; IS is forced out of major Libyan city; and Iran has been parading parts of the Russian S-300 promised to the Iranians.

Bible Minded Cities: What is the evangelism strategy for those who live in cold and dark places?

Under pressure from agenda-driven groups, what was once considered free speech is now considered a hate crime. In public schools, tax money is spent teaching our kids about various forms of sexuality. Is there a time to stand up and say “no”? The answer is “yes.”

Gary Frazier is a respected speaker and writer on the subject of Bible prophecy. He is the founder and president of Discovery Missions. He is the author of numerous books including one discussed on this Crosstalk called, 'Miracle of Israel: The Shocking, Untold Story of God's Love for His People'. This edition of Crosstalk looks at Israel's past and present while tomorrow's broadcast will look at their future. Concerning their past, Gary begins with the book of Genesis. After the first 11 chapters and about 2,000 years of history, he comes to the story of Abram (later called Abraham) where we see the history of the Jewish nation beginning. So how did the name Israel come about? To understand this you have to realize that in the Bible God delineates the ownership of the land. He does this through use of the term, 'covenant'. One is an unconditional, everlasting covenant (literally meaning 'forever' in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic) mentioned in the 15th chapter of Genesis. Then there's the promise in Genesis 49:10. According to Gary this is saying that Israel was going to give birth. In other words, God would use the Jewish lineage of Isaac through King David to bring forth the Messiah. The story of Moses leading Israel through the wilderness...Joshua taking them through the promised this part of the miracle of Israel? Gary admits Israel was not completely obedient in following God and didn't drive out those enemies that God wanted removed. So to this day the Jewish people have never occupied all of the land that God promised to give them. So doesn't Israel's history of rebellion and their judgment do away with the miracle idea of Israel? Gary says this isn't so due to the unconditional nature of the covenant. He noted the second covenant in the Bible from Deuteronomy chapters 28 through 30. That's the Mosaic covenant. While the Genesis 15 covenant deals with the ownership of the land, the Mosaic covenant has to do with the use of the land. Many people get these things confused. So while it's true that the Jewish nation did rebel, were descended into captivity and lost the right to use the land, such rebellion and captivity never negates their right to own the land. That's why for 1,878 years you couldn't find Israel on a map anywhere in the world. From there Gary takes listeners through history to cover the following: --The miracle of Christ and how this was prophesied by Daniel... --Why the name of the land of Israel was changed in 135 AD... --The Balfour Declaration of 1917... --The false notion that Jesus is a Palestinian... --Why there was a holocaust if Israel is a miracle... ...and much more.

Guest: Dr. John Whitcomb joins us for Ask Dr. John. Question: How and when will Acts 1:11 be fulfilled? Question: Why are there so many divisions in churches? Question: How can I know what kinds of Christian books I can trust?
Question: Is the state of Christianity going forward or backward in our world today? Question: How should we evaluate missionaries who come through our church? Question: Please explain Acts 4:32-37. Question: What is the best way to find Biblical counsel for someone who is deeply troubled? Question: Can someone who rejects the gospel now still be saved following the rapture?

Allah is Satan and Jesus is God (Part Twelve)

Jews around the world are celebrating the Jewish Feast Days of Passover, speaking of the first of the Spring Holidays . Jimmy DeYoung will have a conversation with Steve Herzig, the National Director of Friends of Israel, and they will discuss this, the first of the seven Jewish Feast Days, given by God to the Jewish people, Leviticus 23. Many people are using the Passover season to befriend the Jews and give out the message of salvation to the Jews and the Gentiles, everyone. Listen and learn.

Israel Wayne is the co-founder of Family Renewal Ministries. He is an author, columnist and conference speaker. He is the father of nine and is passionate about defending the Christian faith and developing a biblical worldview. Some of his books include, 'Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview', 'Full-Time Parenting: A Guide to Family Based Discipleship', 'Questions God Asks', 'Questions Jesus Asks' and his latest book, ''Pitchin' a Fit': Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting'. Jim opened the discussion by asking if there's a difference between stress in parenting and being stressed-out. Israel responded by indicating that there is a difference. Stress is external by the fact that there are pressures of life that come at us from all sides. These can be financial or health pressures and more. The problem comes when we begin to internalize those pressures and allow them to affect your attitude and behavior. Is stress wrong? Israel noted that it affects our relationships. In that sense it can be very harmful. It's a physiological thing that we experience that doesn't necessarily have a moral implication at the outset but we tend to act out based upon our emotions and feelings. So when we express that stress to others it can be very damaging. The problem isn't so much stress itself but how we deal with it. We're always going to have some kind of drama or crisis in our lives, especially if you interact with people. We all have in common the fact that everyone is a sinner and that means there will be times when people will bend us the wrong way. These things, as James noted, come along to test us; that it's the trying of our faith that produces patience and endurance. It's to make us mature so we don't want to run away from those things but rather learn how to handle them appropriately. Stress is often a trigger point for anger. When stress appears we realize the implications. The result is an adrenaline rush similar to when we might be on a walk and we see a Doberman coming at us dragging a six foot leash with no one hanging on to it. Israel believes we really don't have any control over those adrenaline rushes. It's our fight-or-flight mechanism that takes over. That can move us into the realm of emotion. We then start making decisions, making accusations and using words and actions in hurtful ways. So it's important for us to recognize these anger triggers when we feel ourselves escalating. That way we'll make right choices rather than harmful ones that we'll regret later. Anger is part of a spectrum and begins with annoyance and frustration and ends in wrath and rage. Even the milder forms of anger, if allowed to continue habitually as a lifestyle pattern, can create and produce harm in relationships over time. As the program moves along Jim and Israel discuss other aspects of the stress/anger relationship as it pertains to parenting. They look at the stress/fear connection, self control, where anger comes from, whether all anger is unbiblical or not, the importance of prayer and more.

Pradeep Tilak Interview (Part 2): Dr. Tilak discusses ministry, the different types of apologetics (classical, evidential and presuppositional). Pradeep serves as an Elder at Bethlehem Bible Church.

The government is encroaching on the Christian values our country once had, favoring various political agendas which run contrary to God’s Word. When the red, white, and blue no longer meshes with the cross of Christ, what should believers do?

This week and next we will be discussing what I and many others believe to be one of the most acute threats to Christianity - namely, moralism. In this program I will define moralism and examine its major manifestations in our society. We would all affirm the need for morality but most professing believers are striving to achieve it at the expense of biblical truth. The heightened political season in which we find ourselves (and likely of which we are growing weary) makes this issue one deserving of biblical treatment.

Called to a Biblical Worldview

Socialism is gaining popularity in the United States, from Bernie Sanders hawking free everything and demanding higher taxes to university curricula disparaging capitalism. In this week’s boralogue, John looks deeper at socialism and asks: why, after failing every time it has been implemented, would anyone ever consider it a viable option? Socialist regimes bemoan capitalism at every turn but ultimately seek it out when all the money runs dry. America needs to stand up now and shout down this failed system! Chinese communist leaders are continuing a campaign of religious persecution across their country. Bob Fu (, Founder and President of China Aid Association, examines the government’s motivations and shows that even legally sanctioned Christian churches are experiencing forced confessions, jail time, and even death. Non-Muslims in Pakistan are persecuted as well through their dangerous blasphemy laws. Author and blogger Shamila Ghyas ( gives examples of the laws’ power and goes on to explain that most Muslims are non-violent and need stand up to the extremists. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador on April 16th, killing hundreds and injuring thousands. Wayne Stauble, a real estate developer in the country, describes the devastating aftermath of the quake and the need for preparedness in a time of crisis. Our prayers go out to those in Ecuador. Finally, what exactly happened to Malaysian Airlines flight 370 in March 2014? H. Richard Austin (, financial analyst and author of The Coming of Armageddon, analyzes factual evidence of what happened to the flight and proposes that the plane was hijacked for future use in a terrorist event. John’s quote of the week: “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of somebody else’s money. Socialism has never survived by itself and has always had to turn to capitalism to bail itself out.” As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world. Please like us on Facebook at the Steel on Steel page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians on Facebook as well for the latest information concerning Christians suffering for their faith around the world.

Series: With the Master is Fullness of Joy Lesson: 02 Title: The Key to Confident Living Passage: Philippians 1:6-8 Description: There are many times in this life that we might feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. Some want to give up on their marriage, their kids, their job, and yes some want to give up on their faith. Paul will give much encouragement in this lesson as he will give three reasons as to why we should never give up!

Allah is Satan and Jesus is God (Part Eleven)