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Brannon Howse
Brannon Howse
Aired Tuesday, March 21
Brannon Howse: March 21, 2017
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Today Brannon plays audio from a podcast that is reportedly from Sho Baraka, a so-called Christian rapper, saying that it is ok for a Christian to smoke marijuana. Then hear an audio from YouTube in which Sho Baraka talks about how shocked he was that Lifeway was even carrying his CD because it was apparently not for the Lifeway clientele. What does that tell us about what Sho Baraka believes about his own content? Topic: Hear an audio clip of Al Mohler discussing the importance of having discernment in music and the worldview it conveys. So why did Al not do that when bringing in the rapper Sho Baraka? Topic: We take lots of your calls. 

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Abner Chou: Lesson #11, Verse by Verse on 2 Timothy 

Lies We Believe About God part 3 March 22, 2017

Today we discuss more "lies" that William Paul Young says we believe about God. According to Young, the beliefs that God is in control, that God does not submit, and that God is more "he" than "she" are all - lies. Is God in control? Does God ever submit? Is God really male? We will discuss.

Chris discusses the recent "apology" given by Pope Francis to Rwandan President Paul Kagame on behalf of the role played by the Roman Catholic Church in the Rwanda Genocide of 1994. The European Institute of Protestant Studies reported on how the media "strangely omitted the role of the institution largely responsible for the genocide" during the 10 year anniversary of the event in 2004.  Late last year, the Catholic Bishops gave an apology, one that has now been reinforced by the pope himself -- though critics argue that Francis did not truly apologize.  The Guardian reports that even after the genocide "a Catholic network helped priests and nuns" who took part in the murders escape to Europe in order to help them "evade justice."

Today on PTIB Dave Dolan has a Middle East News Up-date for Jimmy DeYoung. These two will discuss the Israeli Prime Minister meeting with the Russian President Putin in Moscow; on their agenda for the meeting would have been Iran, the Syrian Civil War and President Trump; the talk that President Trump is still working on a way to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem; the upcoming 50th Anniversary celebration for the re-unification of Jerusalem; the Arab League warning against the Embassy move; the Israeli-Jordanian Peace Agreement coming apart and the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation that will educate the world on the connection between the Jews and the Temple Mount.

Luke Abendroth Interview 2017 (Part 1)

NoCo Jr. offers plenty of opinionated and biblical insight. Apples and trees. Fallen.

It’s the height of folly to think we can hide our sins from God. That’s what David wrote about in Psalm 32. Caught red-handed in great sin, David came clean before God and man. What does it take to be fully forgiven by the God who sees everything we do?

Joseph Helm is a partner attorney with McLario, Helm, Bertling & Spiegel Law Offices specializing in stewardship finances and estate planning. He's also village president of Menomonee Falls, WI. and an associate pastor at Brookside Baptist Church in Brookfield, WI.



Stewardship for the present is quite obvious to most Christians, but stewardship for the future is another. Joseph noted Matthew 6:19 as an example of the importance of this latter responsibility. He asked the following questions: How many believers understand what that means, have done sufficient Bible study to determine how to do that and what are the benefits?



Stewardship that looks to the future has two aspects: planning for matters while we're still alive and also planning for matters after death. One of those related to the first category involves avoiding guardianship.



Avoiding guardianship deals with who's going to manage your affairs and how they do that if you become incapacitated or die. You can do nothing and not plan at all. Under that scenario, everything falls to the government's default program known as probate court. Probate court is a division of your local county court. This court handles the affairs of deceased or incompetent people and the affairs of surviving, underage minor children. The probate judge oversees someone collecting your assets, paying your bills, filing your taxes, determining who the heirs are and ultimately issuing a court order declaring how your assets are to be distributed to those survivors.



So if no pre-planning is done, someone in your sphere of life will need to petition the probate court and ask the judge to award them guardianship over you. Once granted, that person has legal authority to handle your affairs.



The other option is for you to obtain a healthcare power of attorney document for medical matters and a separate power of attorney document for financial matters. These two documents are crucial, even for married couples, so that you determine who handles these matters, and not the court system, should you become incapacitated.



The next point of discussion was a living will. A living will is not like a last will and testament, the latter determining who gets your estate or assets. Instead, a living will is a declaration to physicians that outlines your wishes regarding end of life medical decisions. This living will should not be confused with the healthcare power of attorney document. The living will declaration doesn't authorize anyone to do anything. It's just a statement of your wishes whereas the healthcare power of attorney document names the person you want to communicate with doctors and tell them what to do and what not to do.



Power of attorney documents die with you. In other words, they are only valid while you're still alive and for the agent making decisions on your behalf. Upon death, the death documents take over as they supply instructions on what to do with your estate, assets, etc.



Other aspects of estate planning that were discussed included:



--A life estate

--A revokable living trust

--Charitable giving through your estate

--Planning with minor children in mind

--Numerous questions from Crosstalk listeners

Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners on PTIB, both with very important issues to talk about. Jimmy will speak with David James, who is in the Ukraine and will give us an up-date on this strategic region in our world to come. After that conversation Jimmy and Ken will go to Syria, and then North Korea to talk about the increased danger if the leadership of that nation continues to develop "nukes". Both of these Broadcast Partners are very skilled in their field.

Best Selling Christian Books of 2016 (Part 1)

This is the “don’t know whether to laugh or cry” episode! Get ready for lots of mysticism and leather bound disasters!

Lies We Believe About God part 2, March 21, 2017

Today we will examine the first major "lie" that William Paul Young says we believe about God: God is good but we are not. We would all affirm the first part of that - God is indeed good. But are we?

Sharing the Gospel is an imperative as seen through the Great Commission. The preaching of the Word of God is declared in numerous ways. It takes place through the sharing of gospel tracts and even through film. This Crosstalk concentrated on the latter while providing listeners with the tools to help in that effort.

Joining Jim to discuss this topic was film writer, producer and director Dave Christiano.

Dave was 22 years old when a college girl shared the gospel with him. He'd never read the Bible before and was not seeking God. 14 months later, Dave's brother Rich accepted Christ. At that point their desire was to do films with a message for Christ.

Dave and Rich began in 1985 and have produced 16 movies, all with the direct purpose of presenting Christ via evangelism or Christian living. They've also produced a TV series called '7th Street Theater' comprised of 64 episodes that have the same goals as the movies.

Dave noted that what he and his brother are accomplishing is different from the current trend. The current trend is what's known as 'faith-based' films. He believes those efforts have no Jesus and no gospel.

One movie was discussed. 'Late One Night' is about a Christian man who stops in to a diner late one evening just before closing when he gets heckled by 3 factory workers. How do the participants respond as topics such as sin, hell, eternal life and what it means to be born-again come up?

Dave also discussed details surrounding the '7th Street Theater' series. This is about 5 Christian actors that put on a weekend stage show for their community. These are skits performed on weekends before a live audience. The episodes are about how the actors prepare the shows while others are about the weekend shows. Specific episodes discussed included:

--'May Day'--This story begins with a plane crash in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with only 3 survivors. One is a missionary from Ireland, one is a non-believing flight attendant from England and the third is an non-believing stock broker from New York City. When the subject of 'end-times' comes up, the missionary tells the other two about the 6 different types of people alive in the days of Noah and how that relates to people today.

--'Star Mission'--This episodes has a 'Star Trek' feel. It's about 5 people that are going to fly to another galaxy to share the gospel with a hostile enemy.

--'Didn't Get the Chance'--This is a 1940's 'who done it' murder-mystery involving a detective and 4 suspects.

--'Death Row'--A man is on death row with 3 hours left to live. A preacher comes to talk to the man about sin, hell and being born-again. This episode clearly explains the gospel but has a twist ending to it.


Today Brannon plays audio from a podcast that is reportedly from Sho Baraka, a so-called Christian rapper, saying that it is ok for a Christian to smoke marijuana. Then hear an audio from YouTube in which Sho Baraka talks about how shocked he was that Lifeway was even carrying his CD because it was apparently not for the Lifeway clientele. What does that tell us about what Sho Baraka believes about his own content? Topic: Hear an audio clip of Al Mohler discussing the importance of having discernment in music and the worldview it conveys. So why did Al not do that when bringing in the rapper Sho Baraka? Topic: We take lots of your calls. 

Lies We Believe About God, part 1 March 20, 2017


We begin a new series today in which we will discuss William Paul Young's, author of The Shack, newest book entitled "Lies We Believe About God." Given that his previous book has sold over 20 million copies, it would be unwise to dismiss this latest work from Young. In this book Young details what he believes are commonly held lies that evangelicals believe about God. If there was any lingering doubt that Young is a theological heretic, this should lay them to rest. We will look at these lies and then see what the Bible really teaches. This will be a good opportunity for us to exercise biblical discernment. 


Deep down, everyone knows they fall short of moral perfection. Sin has both immediate and long-term consequences, and only being fully forgiven removes the sense of condemnation that wrongdoers feel.


Shocking & deeply troubling and revealing–that is how Brannon Howse feels regarding the revelations about Albert Mohler of Southern Evangelical Seminary from this past week. Mohler held a conference for middle and high school students that, according to the conference website, included a so-called Christian rapper by the name of Sho Baraka. According to numerous news reports this rapper is known for his profane songs and his promotion of, marijuana use. Will this be the final straw that finally breaks the camel’s back and causes pastors, theologians, and men with discernment to stop partnering with Mohler in spiritual enterprises? Are we about to see pragmatism, friendship, and the "good ol' boy club" trump truth and standards? Brannon wants to know how Christian parents can have success when their authority on such issues as marijuana, is undermined by the so-called leaders of evangelicalism who compromise the standard and drag the rebellious culture right into the center of the camp and embrace it as acceptable? Brannon does not normally get as passionate as you will hear in this program, and after his analysis, the callers were just as passionate. 

Series: With the Master on Our Knees (Vol.2)

Lesson: 17

Title: Solomon’s Prayer for Wisdom

Passage: Selected passages from 1 Kings

Description: We know from the scripture that Solomon was the wisest man in the entire world.  God granted him wisdom that was remarkable.  Let’s look at Solomon’s prayer for wisdom and as we study this prayer, we will glean principles for gaining wisdom in our own life.