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T.A. McMahon: June 8, 2015

Tom wraps up his two-part series with guest, author and conference speaker Greg Sheryl. Here’s TBC executive director Tom McMahon.When we were finishing up (or winding it down) in last week’s program, the question was: “Is Jonathan Cahn a prophet?” And the point we made is that he may not believe that, and he may say that he’s not, but if you’ve seen any of his interviews, he’s almost always interviewed as a prophet: he’s America’s prophet. He’s in the promotion material, the written stuff - whether it be for his DVDs through WorldNetDaily , or if it’s…whatever it might be, usually in the promo he’s called a prophet. So as you pointed out last week, Greg, at least he doesn’t seem to be discouraging that, although he won’t admit to it.

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