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T.A. McMahon: April 13, 2015

On this program, this is following the first installment of A.D.: The Bible Continues , which we’ve been talking about. We mentioned it on the - well, we started to address it in our first part of this program. But now, many of you viewers - I don’t know how many - but you’ve had an opportunity to see the entire production - that is, the first installment. What they’re hoping to do is have a series which runs for, I think, 12 programs, but that’s going to depend on how well it did in terms of its ratings. If you’re not familiar with A.D.: The Bible Continues produced by Roma Downey - executive producers Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett - it’s a spinoff of The Bible , which was on the History Channel, and then later another spinoff which made theatrical…well, it was promoted theatrically, and that was Son of God . So that’s who we’re talking about here; that’s most of what we’re going to address, and with me to discuss these issues is J.B. Hixson. He’s an author, Bible teacher, and radio host. His ministry is Not By Works, which can be found at

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