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Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)

Search the Scriptures

T.A. McMahon
Aired Thursday, May 2
Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)
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Tom and TBC Staff member Ed Newby continue their discussion of the History Channel miniseries  The Bible.

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Broadcast Archive

Questions For Charismatics
On this episodes of NoCo, Pastor Mike asks a series of questions directed at Christian charismatics.

On this edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung talks with Dave Dolan who has a Middle East News Up-date for us. These two ME journalist will discuss the growth of the Islamic State's popularity in Israel; former Defense Minister Saul Mofaz's statement that IS wants to conquer Jerusalem; PM Netanyahu says fighting IS is key, but don't forget Iran and that the present Defense Minister of Israel says Turkey is openly supporting terrorist today.

Islamic Misconceptions in the Book of Deuteronomy (program #4)

REMEMBERING DR. IAN PAISLEY Chris dedicates today's show to the memory of Dr. Ian Paisley, who passed away on September 12th. As the listeners of NOTR know, we have quoted Dr. Paisley many times on this show, and he is featured in two of our documentaries. The newspapers in Europe remembered Paisley as a legendary politician who held to uncompromising principles, yet ultimately worked for the cause of peace in Northern Ireland. He was, perhaps, the most fearless preacher of the Gospel in modern times.

Twila Brase is President of the Citizen's Council for Health Freedom and is a certified public health nurse. She provides a daily commentary on the Health Freedom Minute and has provided testimony before legislative bodies. The Citizens Council for Health Freedom supports patient and doctor freedom, medical innovation and the right of citizens to a confident patient-doctor relationship. The controversy over Obamacare is far from over. With that in mind, Twila joined Jim to give listeners an update that looks at the following: --Obamacare and the continued funding of abortion. --House Resolution-5214. This legislation requires Health and Human Services to make recommendations about developing and using clinical data registries to allegedly improve patient care. These recommendations are then supposed to be posted to their website. This bill is saying that they want the federal government to standardize the clinical data registries to make them more useful as the government moves toward a national medical records system.

“And we with unveiled face beholding the glory of the Lord are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.” That change depends on believers renouncing sin in their lives.

David Limbaugh; like you have never heard him. You don’t want to miss this powerful broadcast in which David is extremely passionate, poignant, and precise on why the Biblical gospel is true, why Jesus is God, why man is a sinner and must repent and place their trust in Christ alone for salvation. David is the author of a new book entitled Jesus on Trial. This book reveals the trustworthiness of the claims of Christ, the truth of the gospel, the resurrection of Jesus and the reliability of the Bible. David was a former skeptic and reveals why today he is a confident and contending Christian. When we open the phone lines, David’s former college roommate calls in to the surprise of the host and David to say how pleased he is that today they have both repented of their sins and placed their faith and trust in Christ alone. You must share this interview with your family and friends. Do you know a skeptic or critic? If so, be sure you share this interview with them and challenge them to try and refute the truth David reveals. I can promise you they cannot refute the truth in this interview.

Guest: Clint Archer from South Africa joins us to discuss the following: Topic: How long after he became a Christian did Clint leave the Catholic Church and why? What did the Holy Spirit convict Clint of regarding communion in the Catholic Church, the Eucharist, and other Catholic doctrines? Topic: Did Jesus really sweat drops of blood the night before he was crucified? Topic: Clint responds to Ann Coulter and her attack on missionary in Liberia that contracted Ebola. Topic: Four ways pastors lose their pulpits? Topic: How many hours a week does Clint spend on sermon preparation? Topic: The right way and wrong way to do short-term missions. Topic: Should couples take communion at their wedding while everyone else sits and watches? Is this even Biblical communion? These are a few of the issues we discuss with author and pastor Clint Archer.

Islamic Misconceptions in the Book of Deuteronomy (program #3)

On today's program, JD talks about Jim Bakker's peddling of apocalypse survival supplies, then discusses Louisiana College re-electing Darth French in spite of his involvement in the Louisiana Baptist Inquisition and Aguillard's Final Solution.

Mark Noll Interview Pastor Mike interviews Dr. Mark Noll on today’s show. Dr. Noll is a Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame and his research concerns mostly the history of Christianity in the United States and Canada. He also teaches courses in the Civil War era, general Canadian history, and the recent world history of Christianity. Listen in as Pastor Mike and Dr. Noll talk about his book titled The New Shape of World Christianity: How American Experience Reflects Global Faith.

Ken Timmerman, from the Washington area, is on this broadcast as a guest of Jimmy DeYoung for the purpose of having a discussion of geo-political events that are impacting our world. They will discuss the US pledge to discredit and destroy the Islamic State; how the US will use its air power against IS in Syria; a reflection on President Obama's speech to the nation on the subject; that Iraq has a new government in place and Putin is warning the West that they have new weapons to be used against then.

Tom DeWeese described Agenda 21 as a document that came out of the 1992 Earth Summit that was sponsored by the United Nations. It was the culmination of several years of various other documents and meetings by non-governmental Organizations (NGO) like the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, the Audubon Society and others. Eventually these documents were merged into one to become Agenda 21 which stands for 'Agenda for the 21st Century'. It's a blueprint for reorganizing human society based upon environmental concerns.

Believers know that God has a purpose in their suffering, a purpose we can’t fathom while in the deep valley. Pastor Lutzer helps us to realizing that the ultimate good of God’s glory far outweighs the pain we encounter along the way.

Islamic Misconceptions in the Book of Deuteronomy (program #2)

Am I A Fundamentalist? Tuesday Guy anchors today’s show. Pastor Steve examines an article titled “Top Ten Signs You’re A Fundamentalist (Christian).” Is this article rooted in Biblical ideas? Listen in to find out?


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