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Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)

Search the Scriptures

T.A. McMahon
Aired Thursday, May 2
Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)
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Tom and TBC Staff member Ed Newby continue their discussion of the History Channel miniseries  The Bible.

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Broadcast Archive

Misconceptions in the Book of Leviticus (program #4)

Worship Trends Today’s show features Pastor Mike focusing on a recent article by Thom Rainer titled: “Nine Rapid Changes in Church Worship Services.” What are some of these changes? Have you noticed them in your church? Are any of these changes Biblical?

On today's program, JD discusses the "ALS Ice Challenge" and gives a challenge of his own. Then, he talks about an article from USA Today about the price of raising a child in 2013. Then, a Spurgeon Calling segment.

Today on PTIB Ken Timmerman, somewhere in Europe, reports to us on the geo-political events going on in our world as he has a conversation with Jimmy DeYoung. These two men will discuss the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki stepping down so a new government can be formed; the Islamic State is sweeping towards Baghdad; the Egyptian President Al Sisi was in Russia and Putin offered to supply the Egyptian Air Force with fighter jets and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel says "the world is exploding all over".

The vaccine scenario is much different than it was back in the 1960's and 70's. Back then there were only 23 doses of 7 vaccines that were recommended by the federal government and that were mandated by the states. These were given to children between the ages of 2 months and 6 years. Today that list has grown to 69 doses of 16 vaccines. 49 doses are given before the age of 6 and the first one occurs at 12 hours of age in the newborn nursery.

Since we all have sexual desires, it is tempting to satisfy those desires outside of God’s will. Today we will take a probing look at the damage done by pornography in our culture, a flood most prevalent these days on the internet.

In today's program, JD gives some Q&A in responses to yesterday's program on biblical courtship. Then, Spurgeon Calling.

When was Bunyan’s Pilgrim Converted? Pastor Mike starts off the show with some brief comments about a book published by the Barna Group before moving into the show’s main topic–John Bunyan. Listen in as Pastor Mike looks at a recent blog post by Justin Taylor titled: “AT WHAT POINT IN PILGRIM’S PROGRESS DOES CHRISTIAN GET SAVED?”

Misconceptions in the Book of Leviticus (program #3)

On today's edition of PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has a discussion with Dave Dolan, a Middle East News Up-date. These two journalist will talk about the "cease-fire" talks between the Israelis and Hamas for the war in the Gaza Strip; Prime Minister Netanyahu calls for the United Nations to focus on the terrorism, horrific slaughter of their own people, by Hamas and the Islamic State in Iraq and the hundreds of Jews immigrating to Israel at this time in history.

WHAT IS HALAL FOOD? Chris discusses the issue of Halal food, the "acceptable" food of Islamic culture. Some believe it is similar to the Kosher food among the Jews, but is this really the case? Others argue that Halal is actually food sacrificed to an idol, and that Christians should have nothing to do with it.

Joining Jim to answer that question was Randy Thomasson. Randy is a veteran pro-family leader and president of Their organization stands strong for moral virtues for the common good by educating, equipping and inspiring concerned citizens to embrace and promote moral virtues in their homes and communities. According to Randy, more than anywhere else in the nation, California promotes the sexual indoctrination of children and it's being done at the hands of Democrats who have been in virtual control of the state government for the last 50 years.

Like quicksand, alcohol draws in its victims until they can no longer free themselves. The temptation to drink is best handled by never taking that first sip. It is very difficult to say, “I’m quitting tomorrow.”

Matt Chandler and White Privilege: Today Brannon reveals why he believes the tweet and sermon and interviews by so-called Pastor Matt Chandler on “white privilege” reveals this pastor of The Village Church is a village simpleton. Brannon explains, using in part the wisdom of black columnist Walter Williams, that the term white privilege is actually a masking term for social justice, socialism, Marxism, and reverse racism. Hear audio from the 15th annual white privilege conference held in the spring of 2014 in Madison, Wisconsin. This conference included 2,500 educators and students. Is Chandler such a simpleton that he does not realize he is using the masking term of those that hate America and Christianity? Why is Matt Chandler using the back drop of the tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri to talk about “White Privilege”? Brannon explains why he believes neo-evangelicals like Chandler are not only playing into the hands of the Marxists, socialists, and agitators but actually making the race problems in America much worse. Brannon explains why Chandler is revealing his lack of knowledge when it comes to true American history and facts. Topic: We take your calls.

Topic: Exclusive: Brannon Howse interviews Ferguson, Missouri Pastor, Stoney Shaw. Hear what the media is not reporting and in some cases distorting about Ferguson, Missouri. The fact is that Ferguson is not a racially segregated town. In fact, 35% of Pastor Shaw'’s church are black. Find out about some of the Communist groups and revolutionaries that are coming in from outside of Ferguson and even from many states away to agitate and distort. Pastor Shaw talks about how he lives in a nice neighborhood that includes a good mix of white and black home owners and that many of the white and black residents of Ferguson are embarrassed at what the world thinks of their community that has been misrepresented. Hear how many of the black officers that the town hires are hired away by other towns and thus they currently only have three black police officers. Why does a town of more than 60% black have a mostly white administration and it is not because of racism but voter turnout. Hear how some of the black candidates running for office that attend the church of Pastor Shaw were not elected because not enough black voters showed up to vote despite numerous white citizens publically supporting these candidates. Why did the police let the crowd loot without stopping them last Friday night? Don’t miss this program that gives a totally different view from what the media is reporting. We also take your calls.

Altar Calls New–Part 1 Tuesday Guy and Pastor Mike talk about altar calls on today’s show. What are altar calls? Are they Biblical? Do they have a place during Sunday Worship? Should you “see that hand”? Do we do altar calls at Bethlehem Bible Church? Listen in to find out!


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