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Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)

Search the Scriptures

T.A. McMahon
Aired Thursday, May 2
Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)
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Tom and TBC Staff member Ed Newby continue their discussion of the History Channel miniseries  The Bible.

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Broadcast Archive

Ash Wednesday What is Ash Wednesday? Should you celebrate it? How did it come about? Listen in as Pastor Mike answers these questions on today’s show.

On today's program, JD talks about Kenneth Copeland's eulogy for Tony Palmer and some undercover audio from a Planned Parenthood clinic giving advice on sadomasochism to a reported 15 year-old. Then, a Voice in the Wilderness segment (combined with a Radio Free SBC) calling Johnny Hunt and FBC Woodstock to repent for inviting Ergun Caner to preach this Sunday - with an interview from one of Hunt's church members who plans to protest Caner's sermon.

On today's edition of PTIB we will take a look at geo-political events in our world that may well be setting the stage for the prophetic scenario in the Bible to be fulfilled. Jimmy DeYoung will speak with Ken Timmerman on current events like Russia's involvement in the shooting down of the airliner over the eastern Ukraine; if there is Russian involvement, then what; Iran's role in the Gaza crisis with Hamas and is there a world leader that can help the world out of the chaos we're in today.

According to Ron, the Bible speaks about a spirit of antichrist, many antichrists, as well as the antichrist. In the latter case, this person will position himself as someone people should look to instead of Christ, who is against Christ and opposed to Christ. Will the antichrist be a Muslim Mahdi? Will he be a Gentile or a Jew? What's holding this individual back from emerging at this time? What about the "Mark of the Beast"? What happens at the end of the tribulation? How should all of this impact believers during this tumultuous time in world history? Find out when you review this exciting edition of Crosstalk.

Among seven things God hates, the writer of Proverbs lists lying twice. That is a strong emphasis on a sin we all commit. Winning the race of life requires telling the truth.

Russell Moore and Ronnie Floyd and other leaders go to Texas and lecture Americans on how we should respond to the invasion of our nation by illegal immigrants. Moore says Jesus was an illegal Immigrant. Really? Listen as a caller to C-Span challenges Moore on this and he not only cannot defend his claim but misquotes Leviticus 19. Topic: When is Al Mohler going to publically apologize for nominating Ronnie Floyd to be President of the SBC and singing the praises of Russell Moore in an inauguration speech? Topic: Brannon explains how he believes the liberals and neo-evangelicals are using the children on the boarder as a smoke screen to distract from the real issues that include national security, national sovereignty, economic stress on American taxpayers, and the loss of jobs for current Americans. While the liberals and neo-evangelicals are using the children to manipulate Americans the real issue is that many of these children are being handed over by their parents once they illegally come into America and then are reunited with their children and settle with friends and relatives already living in America. The real story is not being covered or reported on by most neo-evangelicals. Topic: We take your calls and the phone lines light up.

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #20)

Infant Salvation–Part 2 On this episode of NoCo, Pastor Mike continues to talk about infants and if they go to Heaven if they die. Listen is as Pastor Mike discusses a variety of viewpoints on the topic.

On today's program, JD first discusses Southern Baptist leaders checking out the border facilities and Russell Moore's assertion that Jesus was once an illegal immigrant. Then, he talks about the death of Anglican ecumenist, Tony Palmer. Afterward, JD launches into a Daily Spurgeon segment and then a Daily Downgrade, covering an article at Synergism Today by Ron Hale discussing the [fictitious] Anabaptist heritage among Southern Baptists.

Today on PTIB Dave James joins Jimmy DeYoung to discuss an issue that is important for the Church to have an understanding of for their own benefit. These two will talk about why your eschatology is important as you look at the world and the current events unfolding in our world today. The focus on what's happening in the Gaza Strip between the Israelis and the Palestinians will be the practical aspect of this discussion.

Alan informed listeners of yet another attempt to 'put the squeeze' on gun owners and the gun industry. The Department of Justice is said to be working in conjunction with the FDIC, the Federal Trade Commission and other federal agencies to shut down certain types of businesses in what's known as Operation Choke Point. This operation is being overseen by Attorney General Eric Holder who exercises the arbitrary discretion to interfere with relationships between banks and their clients. The government is issuing Civil Investigative Demands (CID's) that require banks to turn over information regarding business practices, consumer behavior, transaction data and proprietary business information. Alan believes this kind of activity attempts to treat the gun industry like the porn industry or some other illegal enterprise.

Many believe that telling a white lie is okay, but it is not okay with God. Believers need to tell the truth if they want to succeed in the race of life. Lying violates prime directive number nine in the Bible, and how to control our tongues is the topic of this message.

Burk Parsons Interview Pastor Mike interviews Burk Parsons on today’s show. Pastor Parsons serves with R.C. Sproul as co-pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel, and he is editor of Tabletalk, the monthly magazine of Ligonier Ministries where he has served since 1999. Listen in as Pastor Mike and Pastor Parsons talk about serving with Dr. R.C. Sproul and a variety of theological issues.

In today's broadcast, JD talks about an article published at Synergism Tomorrow, defending the baptisms of children under 5. Then, JD launches a Daily Spurgeon segment and end with a Daily Downgrade, discussing a new film that has - supposedly and according to the director - been directly inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Islamic Misconceptions About the Bible (Program #19)

We have two of our Broadcast Partners with Jimmy DeYoung today on PTIB. Dr Rob Congdon will give a European Union Up-date, which will include a discussion on the response from EU leaders on the downing of a commercial airliner in the Ukraine. But first my son, Jim Jr, will interview a great friend of the DeYoung Family, our tour guide for all of our tours to Israel, Kenny. Kenny lives on the coast line of Israel just north of the Gaza Strip. Jim and Kenny will discuss how an Israeli thinks of what's going on in this war zone.


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