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Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)

Search the Scriptures

T.A. McMahon
Aired Thursday, May 2
Search the Scriptures 24/7 (Program #6 for 2013)
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Tom and TBC Staff member Ed Newby continue their discussion of the History Channel miniseries  The Bible.

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Broadcast Archive

The Straightway Vs. CAIR (program #15)

Contemplative Prayer Is it Biblical to empty your mind and listen to God? Does God speak to people today through impressions? How do you know if God is speaking to you? Pastor Mike examines these issues on today’s show.

On today's program, JD answers a sincere question and after discussing Kirk Cameron wanting to take back Halloween for Jesus, provides commentary on Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary changing its bylaws to allow Muslim enrollment as a "ministry opportunity."

Today on PTIB Jimmy DeYoung has two of his Broadcast Partners joining him for some very important conversations. Jimmy and Dr Scott Ries will discuss Ebola and how we should not panic, but instead be prepared. But first, Jimmy talks with Dr Rob Congdon who has a EU-update that looks at Russian President Putin in meetings with US and EU leaders and at the same time says that sanctions on Russia could cause nuclear instability.

As we run life’s race, let us not forget that mercy is not getting what you deserve. God was not obligated to save any of us, and yet He has. Now we begin an awesome look at how far God went to provide redemption for a lost mankind.

Peter LaBarbera is the President of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality. In April of this year, Peter was invited to speak at a pro-life association group in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. After being invited, some leftists decided to make an issue of Peter's appearance claiming that Peter is a hate-monger. They tried to get him removed from the speakers list and then lobbied the border agency to turn him back. When Peter arrived at customs, he was questioned. Authorities looked through his phone and computer and were allowed to do this because Canada has a law that bans so-called hate propaganda. So the charge was alleged incitement of hate based upon sexual orientation so it was decided that Peter would not be allowed to enter Canada.

We will have a Middle East Up-date on PTIB today, with Jimmy DeYoung talking with Dave Dolan about what's happening in the Middle East that may be setting the stage for Bible Prophecy to be fulfilled. These two journalist will discuss the visit by Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Israel; how Islamic Jihad, an Islamic terrorist group in the Gaza Strip, detailed the role of Iran in the recent war in the Gaza Strip; that the PA is calling on the UN Security Council to force Israel to accept the pre-'67 borders and a report on the "priestly blessings' being pronounced on tens of thousands of Jewish and Christians pilgrims at the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Straightway Vs. CAIR (program #14)

Mike Interviews Phil Johnson Pastor Mike interviews Phil Johnson on today’s show. They discuss a wide range of topics including John MacArthur, the editing process for a book, and how he got into Charles Spurgeon.

JD discusses the return of Mark Driscoll into the Word of Faith movement. JD also talks about Kenneth Copeland taking dominion over Ebola.

AMERICAN FOUNDERS ON HOMOSEXUALITY Chris discusses a series of articles dealing with the early American view of homosexual behavior. How would the framers of our Constitution feel about the issue of gay marriage, and the concept of gay rights? A clear and sober examination of American law (prior to the post World War II era) shows that today's homosexual movement is nothing short of an alien value system entered into our society.

Description: Mike is not surprised by the direction that the Catholic Church is taking. He knew that Pope Francis would aggressively pursue a Jesuit agenda. The goal: to bring all separated brethren back home to Rome (unite the world under the Pope), a goal that's been in place since the Reformation 497 years ago. In addition, he is “opening the door” to welcome all people into the church, including gays and lesbians. While supposedly infallible, Pope Francis has been corrected by the Vatican on several occasions, as his statements are not only unbiblical, but they also deviate from Roman Catholic doctrines and traditions.

These days, polling data is king. In the mainstream media, truth seems to lie with the majority opinion. And so we are analyzing what people believe about the cross of Christ.

Topic: Kirk Cameron, in the Christian Post, is reported as saying: "“Early, on Christians would dress up in costumes as the devil, ghosts, goblins and witches precisely to make the point those things were defeated and overthrown by the resurrected Jesus Christ."” After talking to several experts and researching this topic, we could not find any record of what Kirk is talking about. However, today we do report on the pagan Samhain festival in which individuals would dress as an evil spirit or demonic character to ward off what they thought were spirits of the dead roaming the earth. Kirk suggests that early on, Christians would dress up as devils and witches to poke fun at the devil and other evils that were defeated on resurrection day. Why is it not a good idea for Christians to poke fun at or rail at Satan or demons? Topic: Who started All Saints day? Who started All Soul’s Day? What is the difference between the two and how did they merge with the help of the Catholic Church? How did the Samhain festival, All Saints Day and All Soul’s Day merge to what is now Halloween? Topic: Who is reported to have brought Halloween to America and when? Topic: Our phones lines up on this topic.

on today's episode JD discussed several since your questions with biblical answers and then Spurgeon is calling.

Robin Williams, ISIL, and Compassion Pastor Steve hosts today’s show and discusses some current news items. He talks about the death of Robin Williams and how we should react. He also looks at the ISIL situation and what that means for Christians.


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