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Mike Abendroth: September 16, 2016

Ten Books The Sovereignty of God

Welcome to No Compromise Radio Ministry! Today's show continues the multi-part episode guide to Pastor Mike's top ten Christian books that have helped him understand the Bible, Christ Jesus, His work, and who God is. Today's book is titled  The Sovereignty of God by A.W. Pink written in 1928. Pink promotes the doctrine of God (the Bible) in this book. Listen in as Pastor Mike talks about Pink's book and the Sovereignty of God. Pink defines the Sovereignty of God as: The Supremacy of God, The Kingship of God, the Godhood of God, to say that God is Severing is to declare that God is God. The Governor among the nations.  Daniel 4:5, Psalm 115:3, Psalm 22:28. How does the God of the Bible compare to how many in society view God today? Jesus Christ is Lord and King, He regulates affairs today and we can trust in Him. We want to walk by faith and not by sight. God is not alarmed, afraid, or fearful. God still reigns!

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Mike Abendroth

Mike’s passion is preaching the Bible in a verse-by-verse fashion and training other men to do the same. He graduated from The Master’s Seminary in 1996 (M. Div.), received his doctorate in Expository Preaching at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 2006 (D. Min.), and is an adjunct professor of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Pastor Mike is also the author of the book entitled Jesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers. He is overwhelmed at God’s grace in his salvation and in God’s choice of his amazing wife Kimberly. Mike has been the Senior Pastor at Bethlehem Bible Church (BBC) in West Boylston, MA since April 1997.