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John Loeffler: September 25, 2017

A Spokane, Washington area school suffered a school shooting recently where one student died and a few were injured.  In this week's boralogue, we play comments from Spokane County Sheriff, Ozzie Knezovich, about how society has grown to glorify violence.  John digs deeper and looks at the erosion of morals in education that has contributed to society's embrace of violence.  Plus, a hearty thank you for your overwhelmingly generous support of Pastor X.

We shine a spotlight on Iran this week as President Trump is looking to scrap the ill-conceived Iran Deal.  Bob Feferman (, Outreach Coordinator with the group United Against Nuclear Iran examines Iran's government system, its plan to export Islamic revolution, and the country's nuclear program.

The outrage du jour against anyone not adhering to political correctness happened in Oregon recently.  Andy Ngo (, Political Science graduate student at Portland State University, discusses the anger on his campus after a professor dared to write a peer-reviewed paper making the case for colonialism.

A massive data breach at Equifax, one of three credit rating bureaus, has exposed the private information of millions of people.  Daniel Castro (, Vice President at the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, looks at the breach and suggests that we should do away with social security numbers as personal identifiers.

The field of artificial Intelligence can be either exciting or frightening, depending on the news of the day.  Cris Sheridan (, Financial Analyst and AI blogger, reviews the background of AI, advances made in the field, and how surveillance using AI could be dangerous in the wrong hands.


John’s quote of the week:

"Both Democrats and Republicans used to have a common view not only of the common morality, but also the legal systems that reflected that morality, and a common idea of the value of the history of this country.  But that would all change."

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