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John Loeffler: October14, 2013

First J.D. Gordon from U.S. News and World Report ( and joins the program for a backgrounder on Iran's new President Hassan Rouhani. The world's media seem to be describing him as a "moderate," but he may actually be a wolf in sheep's clothing. His background might be a good clue as to what he's up to. Then Bill Koenig ( in the White House press corps is just back from the Middle East. So we'll do a roundup of everything in progress in that region of the world. The show rounds out with a commentary on how two thoughts have consequences: antisemitism and western secularist rejection of Christianity. These thoughts are having real world affects in the lives of thousands of people in Europe and the Middle East today. John's boralogue reminds listeners of the age-old government penchant to reject tax cuts by sending pain to the public, which is exactly what is happening as a result of the government shutdown. We'll put some sense into the nonsensical drama going on in Washington over debt limits.

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