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John Loeffler: October 9, 2017

When mass shootings occur, we often ask 'how did we get here?'  In this week's boralogue, John looks at the transformation of society that began more than 100 years ago, beginning with the elimination of religion from schools that has snowballed into the immoral choices and institutions we see today.

Drain the swamp!  Donald Trump campaigned on this slogan last year.  How is the swamp draining going nearly nine months into his presidency?  Soeren Kern (, Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute, discusses President Trump's efforts to distance himself from the global elites and those in his inner circle who are working hard to stop him.

We welcome back historian and Former Senior Associate at the Department of Education Dr. Dennis Cuddy ( who examines the historical buildup of the swamp and the sometimes overt, sometimes secret plans of the globalists.

John and Steel Producer Steve Schiller chat about inconsistencies in the media and the latest call for gun control following the massacre this week in Las Vegas.

Why did this happen?  It's a question often asked after tragedies like this.  Mike LeMay (, General Manager of Q90FM Radio in Wisconsin, asserts that gun control laws and increased regulations will not solve anything.  What will?  Transforming your heart and mind by returning to a moral foundation.

John’s quote of the week:

"Every time we have some tragic event, people start wringing their hands and then propose we have all of these laws to prevent people from speaking, from acting, from doing whatever their rights are.  All this to try and fix the problems the very same group of people or their predecessors who are shouting for all these laws actually created to get us into this problem in the first place."

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