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John Loeffler: October 3, 2016

Has the humanist movement succeeded in replacing Christianity as the foundation for a moral and ethical way of life?  In this week’s boralogue, John looks at efforts by humanists throughout history to establish their own system of morality apart from God.  But every issue or rule preached at us by secular humanists, whether it be tolerance or discrimination or racism, has no value once you remove God and Christianity from the picture.

Why aren’t churches allowed to convey political messages from the pulpit?  Erik Stanley (, Senior Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom, discusses the history of the Johnson Amendment, which allows for the IRS to threaten a church’s right to free speech by potentially censoring the language of sermons.  

If a presidential candidate is elected in November and then either dies or becomes incapacitated before January 20, who is inaugurated as president?  Constitutional law attorney Jenna Ellis ( shows us the answer and looks at qualifications needed to vote and those required to be President.  

Our next legal issue involves gender identity and the violation of security in school restrooms.  Matt Sharp (, Attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom examines the latest case in Minnesota, the involvement of Title IX, and how the government threatens to withhold federal school funding in order to force their agenda on the school.

Has the post-WWII era ended and if so what does that mean?  R.R. Reno (, Editor of First Things Magazine, joins us to discuss the shifting paradigms in our society, the inconsistent viewpoints of our current presidential candidates, and how traditional beliefs are changing.  The fourth turning crisis is ahead.  Will we reform or will we deteriorate?    

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