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John Loeffler: October 21, 2013

It’s going to be a rough show today as we address the dark side of socialism, where governments beat the heck out of certain classes of people to pay for the all goodies the politicians want to give away. Some evangelicals promoting “social justice” maintain that the purpose of government is providing income equity, notably by wealth transfer. This is done by appeal to moral arguments and caring for those less fortunate. However, they “parhumpf” the idea that this is accomplished at the point of a gun. OK, we’ll show you. Attorney Michael Minns ( is author of “The Underground Lawyer,” and he condemns Americans being abusively pummeled to pay for all the goodies politicians wants to give away. Then we’ll see how veterans are losing their rights when returning from active duty. Michael Connelly ( is executive director of the United States Justice Foundation. He joins the program to detail some real horror stories. John’s boralogue summarizes what happened during the whole Kabuki theatre farce of the debt ceiling debate. The outcome was predetermined but there are real ramifications the media missed.

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