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John Loeffler: October 10, 2016

Campaigning for his wife this week, Bill Clinton seemed to disparage Obamacare.  Was it a faux pas or a deliberate move?  In this week’s boralogue, John looks at the lies surrounding Obamacare and reminds us that the goal from the beginning was to establish a government-run single payer health care system.  Politicians will once again offer to solve the problem that they caused in the first place.

Why would Black Lives Matter align with anti-Semitic groups, or LGBT associations defend the actions of Muslims?  Philip Carl Salzman (, Professor at McGill University in Quebec, Canada, discusses intersectionality among “oppressed” groups, multiculturalism versus dissent, and Marxism in academia.

The reality behind taxes, the economy and job numbers is far different than what you’re hearing from either presidential candidate during the debates. David McAlvany (, President and CEO of McAlvany Financial Group, reveals the truth and shows that what you are seeing in the stock market today is nothing but an illusion. 

John’s quote of the week:

“Politicians will tell you they feel your pain even when it is they who are causing much of your pain by the rotten policies they’ve implemented.  They will say, ‘don’t you care about the poor,’ but it’s the poor who get beaten up the worst when everything is done.”

As always, join us online for our Section 6 intelligence briefing featuring analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world.

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