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John Loeffler: November 27, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are skipping the boralogue this week and jumping right into things with our first guest, KrisAnne Hall (, President of Liberty First University, who explains the difference between a right and a benefit. The two seem to be flipping in our society today.

Why did so many evangelicals vote for Donald Trump and has that had an impact outside of politics?  Stephen Mansfield (, author and head of the Mansfield Group discusses the factors leading up to Donald Trump's election and the subsequent repercussions inside the evangelical church.

Are we finally seeing a backlash against a relentless progressive ideology or is it a momentary lull?  Bruce Thornton (, Classics and Humanities Professor at Cal State Fresno, examines declining sales in the NFL and Hollywood and also looks at the fallacies of socialism and why millennials are buying into it.

John’s quote of the week:

"The mainstream media in the last election threw off any pretense and just came out unabashedly for their candidate.  They left any professionalism in the dust and I don't know if they're every going to recover from that."    

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