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John Loeffler: May 31, 2016

Happy Memorial Day weekend. We wish everyone a safe and festive weekend and offer up prayers to those who have served or who are currently serving in our military and their families. We will forego the boralogue this week and jump right in with our first guest, historian Dr. Dennis Cuddy (, who discusses the slow Marxist influence in our schools over the past several years and how the power elites today are taking advantage of this failing education system by stifling free speech and redefining both history and moral values. How has racism in the United States gotten to the point where only some lives matter? David Horowitz (, Chairman of the Horowitz Freedom Center, joins us to examine racism according to the progressive Left and the hijacking of the civil rights movement. John’s quote of the week: “These ideas, these tactics are nothing new. They were used by Hitler; they were used by Stalin. We must stand up, fight against them, and continue to tell the truth.” There will be no Section 6 intelligence briefing this week as we take some time off for Memorial Day, but the segment will return next week. Please like us on Facebook at the Steel on Steel page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians on Facebook as well for the latest information concerning Christians suffering for their faith around the world.

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