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John Loeffler: March 3, 2014

Today’s program continues the geopolitical thread we began a few weeks ago. John’s extended boralogue frames the show by explaining why socialism is a warm-weather political sport where climate change drives human activity, not the other way around. The Obama administration has telegraphed to the world that it has little intention of being the world’s policeman any more and -- surprise surprise -- all the world’s bullies are lining up to claim turf. Bill Gertz ( returns to the program for a survey of the chaos that has happened since the current administration began to display weakness. Shifting definitions are being used by government bureaucrats to end-run veterans’ constitutional rights. Attorney Michael Connelly ( returns for a report on this disturbing trend which will invariably grow if not contained. Two weeks ago we explained to listeners how bitcoins work. Now we’ll look at what’s already going wrong with bitcoins, not to mention international money laundering. Bill Frezza ( explains why bitcoins won’t last in their present form but will probably reform itself and continue onward. Finally a new series of old history books has appeared from New Leaf Publishing, which may be of interest to home and private schoolers. Craig Froman is an editor with New Leaf Publishing Group (

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