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John Loeffler: March 28, 2016

Loss of identity and purpose can be alarming. John shows us just how alarming in this week’s boralogue as he connects the tragic bombings in Belgium, President Obama’s trip to Cuba, and the competing worldviews in the 2016 U.S. election cycle. There is a purposeful forgetting about where we came from and who we are, and it is causing more forceful worldviews to surface. We must remember. The primary worldview surfacing to replace freedom and liberty is Marxism. Philip Carl Salzman (, Anthropology Professor at McGill University in Quebec, discusses the century-long infiltration of Marxism in academia and correctly defines two problematic outcomes of it: multiculturalism and social justice. In an extended boralogue, John exposes the truth behind everyone’s T-shirt hero, Che Guevera and Cuba’s communist history, and shows how socialism needs capitalism to rescue it from its own failures. Finally, we welcome Michael Curtis (, Professor Emeritus at Rutgers University, who examines the geopolitics of Russia, the Middle East peace process, and the need for America’s foreign policy to improve. John’s quote of the week: “The problem we are having in the West is we are listening to several different narratives of who we are, where we come from, and those values upon which we stand. One of those narratives is a solid one: the original one that stood, created Western civilization, and has lasted for 1500 years, and it still works for anyone who tries it.” We wish everyone a safe and happy Easter. We are taking a break from Section 6 this holiday weekend, but it will return next week with analysis by John on important stories highlighting emerging geopolitical trends around the world. Please like us on Facebook at the Steel on Steel page and remember to join Praying for Persecuted Christians on Facebook as well for the latest information concerning Christians suffering for their faith around the world.

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