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John Loeffler: March 27, 2017

After this week's terror attack in London, the usual uproar about who was responsible began.  In this week's boralogue, John looks at how the West has gradually weakened itself, refusing to see or talk about the real enemy, while adherents to sharia law have preyed on those weaknesses to grow bolder and stronger in attacking us.  We need to identify our enemy, defy political correctness, and stay quiet no longer.


Why are so many education elites opposing school choice?  If public schools are so great, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.  Vicki Alger (, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute joins us to discuss the freedoms of school choice programs, eliminating the Department of Education, and fighting to reform education in this country.


Most ex-presidents step aside after leaving office and allow their successor to run the country.  President Obama is doing no such thing.  Matthew Vadum (, Senior Vice President at Capital Research Center shows how Obama's group, Organizing for Action, is using Alinsky methods to keep his legacy alive and discredit President Trump.


Socialism throughout history has never worked and nowhere is that more evident today than in Venezuela.  Russell Dallen (, Editor-in-Chief of the Latin American Herald Tribune and Venezuela expert, points out that despite having vast oil reserves, socialist leaders have driven the country's financial system into the ground, hurting citizens and affecting economies around the world.


John’s quote of the week:

"Truth is the first casualty of any war.  Sun Tzu was the first to enunciate such concepts.  The trick is to make your enemy believe you are where you aren't, you aren't where you are, you're not doing what you're actually doing, and you're not doing what he thinks you're doing.  If you can get your enemy to believe you're not a threat, you're in a much better position to organize an attack."


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