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John Loeffler: January 8, 2018

Freedom of speech is paramount in a free society but it is being threatened on several fronts.  How did we get here?  In this week's boralogue, John looks at our journey from a free society under God to the rise of existentialism to postmodernism to our current struggle with multiculturalism.  Reality is catching up with the contradictions of the elites which means they will push their ideologies that much harder.  Will we stand up and push back?

Are aliens and UFOs real and if so, what exactly are they? Gary Bates (, CEO at the U.S. office of Creation Ministries, promotes his new movie, Alien Intrusion, and discusses both the scientific and religious explanations of UFOs as well as the troubling admission recently by the government that there is in fact something to see here.

What are the roots of multiculturalism and how far have they burrowed into western society? Philip Carl Salzman (, Anthropology Professor at McGill University, gives examples of multiculturalism in the West and shows how, despite its very contradictory nature, it influences many aspects of society.

John’s quote of the week:

"As soon as you begin looking at the constructs and assumptions of multiculturalism, you discover that most of them are self-contradicting – such as, 'we believe in diversity, unless you're not diverse like we're diverse' or 'we believe in freedom of speech, but not the kind of speech you want to have,' or 'we believe in being tolerant, but we're not tolerant of people who don't agree with our idea of what tolerance should be.'"

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