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John Loeffler: January 15, 2018

How do we know that the information we glean from the internet or hear from the media is actually true? In this week's boralogue, John looks at language and how it can be manipulated to fit a narrative, examining the historical and Biblical evidence of how language is used.  Things we had been told before have now flip-flopped to their opposites.  As hypocrisy abounds, the ultimate battle will be over the truth.

Understanding how and on what values our country was founded is paramount in correctly interpreting our history.  Jake MacCauly (, Chief Executive Officer of the Institution on the Constitution, details the rights afforded us under both the Declaration and the Constitution, the source of those rights, and the need better education our youth to their importance.

When did education shift from a traditional curriculum to a more progressive one?  Steve Abrams (, former congressman in the Kansas State Senate, discusses how education has changed over the years and offers solutions on how to think outside the progressive box and reach children with the truth.

John finishes up the program this week dissecting an audio clip from a disciplinary hearing on a Canadian college campus.  A student was told she violated the human rights of her fellow classmates, but in the end, it was her rights that were trampled on.

John’s quote of the week:

"In order to run socialism, you have to tax heavily and inflate heavily and this always comes to financial, economic, sociological, and especially moral bankruptcy as it all unravels."

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