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John Loeffler: January 13, 2014

Listeners want more round table discussions, so we’ll produce a lot more of these in 2014. Hey! Let’s start today. During the holiday break, there was much flap (one more time) over global warming due to an Antarctic expedition becoming stuck in the ice and the circumpolar vortex causing a huge cold wave to invade much of North America. So why can’t we get beyond the tired, worn-out, illogical arguments the warmists emit like CO2 emissions? Perhaps it has something to do with the media’s ignorance of the origins and background of the entire movement. Our round table guests today are environmentalist and long-time professor at the University of Winnipeg, Dr. Tim Ball, (, as well as meteorologist Joe Bastardi ( It promises to be a spirited discussion, which John’s frames during the boralogue at the program’s beginning.

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