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John Loeffler: February 17, 2014

Damage Control: What Ken Ham Should Have Said There has been so much disillusioned commentary about the recent Ken Ham/Bill Nye evolution-versus-creation debate that it’s time to set things straight. First, John’s boralogue frames the issue by explaining how a debate is supposed to work, and reminds listeners that one debate does not definitively settle a controversy. A successful debate relies on good participants and proper framing of issues. Then we’ll target specific areas where neo-Darwinism is in serious trouble, namely in the the origin of information contained in living cells. These problems are acknowledged at the theoretical level but denied at the pop science level and in high school classes. Dr. Stephen Meyer, Ph.D., author of Darwin’s Doubt (, returns to the program for incisive commentary on this problem. Then Russ Miller from Creation Ministries ( guests again for a point-by-point rebuttal of many issues raised by Bill Nye during the debate with Ken Ham.

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