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John Loeffler: December 23, 2013

The Federal Reserve Bank Turns 100 John’s boralogue examines the track record of the Federal Reserve Bank on its 100th anniversary this weekend, pointing out that it was at the center of most of the major financial crises of the last century, even though it always managed to dodge accountability. Then we’ll rebroadcast parts of our 1994 interview with G. Edward Griffin about his classic work, The Creature from Jekyll Island. Contrasting what Mr. Griffin said 19 years ago with the events of the 2008 crash provides much insight as to why we’re currently in trouble. When you make changes in the foundations of a country. even for a good reason, you may be unleashing even greater evil. We’ll take a look back at key dates which radically changed America with Pastor Chuck Baldwin, author of Romans 13, The True Meaning of Submission. (

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