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John Loeffler: December 11, 2017

On what do we base our foundation of morality?  In this week's boralogue, John looks at the gradual removal of God from society and the ages-long attempts to replace Him with logic, reason, and other false gods – to no avail.  Claiming someone or something is bad without a moral grounding in God is just that, a claim.

Plus, we look at President Trump's Jerusalem declaration in our Clip of the Week.

With sexual accusations raining down on Hollywood and Washington DC, how do we make sense of it all?  Catalina Avalos (, Criminal Defense Attorney & Director at Tripp Scott Law, examines the legal implications for accusers and the accused and shows the keys to preventing this kind of trouble in the future.

Hypothetically, what if the accusations against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore were part of a larger plot?  Tom Ertl (, Former National Media Director for Christians for Donald Trump in last year's campaign, discusses the deeper battle between the swamp establishment and grass roots conservatives and how ideas are far more important than ideologies.

After last November's election, media pundits began questioning how regular people could vote for Donald Trump.  The problem is, they discussed it amongst themselves and ignored regular people.  Ken Stern (, Former CEO of National Public Radio, describes his year-long journey outside of the bubble to learn from those of us in flyover land and to determine if America is as divided as it seems.

John’s quote of the week:

"Early in the 20th century, we allowed the State to become involved in the marriage business, removing some of the authority from where it traditionally lay in churches and synagogues.  Later on we just pitched God out of the picture all together.  At that point, marriage became whatever the State said it was."

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