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John Loeffler: August 8, 2016

With our two major party candidates set for this November’s presidential election, silly season has begun.  In this week’s boralogue, John reminds us that politics is a blood sport and facts and reason are usually thrown out of the window in favor of soundbites. A day of reckoning approaches and while most people ignore the warning signs, whoever wins the upcoming election will be the one we choose to deal with it.  

Our system of government was created as a series of checks and balances.  What happens when one branch begins overstepping its authority?  Dr. John Sparks (, Retired Dean at Grove City College, looks at the recent Supreme Court case involving abortion clinics in Texas and discusses the continuous onslaught of right trumping, being brought to you by the highest court in the land.

Next we play a brief clip from the Financial Sense Newshour of write-in presidential candidate and economist Laurence Kotlikoff ( explaining the real, and much higher, numbers behind our national debt.

Refugee crises have erupted in a number of countries, largely due to radical Islamists and the violence they perpetrate.  But what about Christian refugees who are caught up in the crisis?  Author and political pundit Joseph Klein ( looks at the problems Christians are facing in refugee camps and the Obama administration’s apparent disregard for Christians in favor of admitting more Muslim refugees.

Finally, we revisit the topic of gold and silver with precious metals aficionado Dave Morgan ( who predicts as currencies begin to falter, gold and silver will make a comeback.  He also examines what the powers that be may have in store when the financial catastrophe hits.

John’s quote of the week:

“Governments may not get through times like these but people like you and I always do.  If we know what’s happening, we can pray and ask God to show us our way through the tsunami waves to come and we can help each other.”

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