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John Loeffler: August 15, 2016

A controversy is brewing involving an international Christian charity’s activities in the Middle East.  We skip the boralogue this week and begin with Dexter Van Zile (, Christian Media Analyst for CAMERA, who examines Israel’s allegations that a top World Vision employee in the Gaza Strip funneled donations away from charity programs and into the coffers of Hamas.

When the Iran deal materialized last year, we all knew there was more to it than was announced.  Jennifer Breedon (, Legal Analyst for the Clarion Project joins us to reveal the dangers behind the deal along with a recently discovered link between the September 11 attacks and Saudi Arabia.

What are the true origins behind the Black Lives Matter movement?  Political writer Jim Simpson ( shows how the Left will create divisions in order to further their agenda and how the truth is often pushed aside in favor of narrative.

Has the federal government’s involvement improved our education system?  Vicki Alger (, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute discusses the difficulties in one-size-fits-all educational programs and offers alternative solutions for parents.

John’s quote of the week:

“Rather than having two people representing different sides of an issue, challenging each other where you can hear the ideas hashed out, people tend to watch what reinforces their own worldview.  And even when that is faulty they don’t hear the contradicting evidence because the media are not honestly presenting it.”

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