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Jason Pratt: May 8, 2017

Join us on Mission 17-13 as we explore alien righteousness and the atheist. Our launchpad for this mission is Proverbs 20:6 which leads us to Proverbs 25:14, Matthew 6:2 and Luke 18:11; see if you detect a theme in those versus. Our Scriptural Scientist Spotlight for this week is Carolus Linnaeus who developed the Linnaean taxonomy system for animals and plants in which he classified plants and animals according to their "kinds" based on Genesis 1. This system was then distorted to meet with evolutionary thought on common descent or phylogeny. Evolutionists use the naturally occurring variation God created within those kinds, typically called micro-evolution, and then extrapolate this to support macro-evolution. This however is a logical fallacy called equivocation. We'll wrap up the show with a few more details from my testimony that I shared in Episode 1 and include in Chapter 13 of Ray Comfort's book "How To Know God Exists: Scientific Proof of God" available at or How does this affect our approach to sharing the Gospel with atheists?

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Jason Pratt

Jason is an active duty officer in the U.S. Navy as an Aerospace 

Engineering Duty Officer who holds a Master of Aerospace 

Engineering degree from Georgia Tech University, is a member of 

the Navy’s Space Cadre and was a Navy selectee for astronaut 


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the simplicity of the 

gospel of saving grace in Jesus Christ, but Jason’s experience 

and knowledge does make him uniquely qualified to speak on 

both biblical and scientific matters.

As a Naval Flight Officer and a graduate of the United States Naval 

Test Pilot School, Jason has flown over twenty types of fixed wing, 

rotary wing and glider aircraft including: F-14 Tomcat, F/A-18F 

Super Hornet, F-15E Strike Eagle, and F-16D Fighting Falcon.

As an atheist Jason placed his hope in his knowledge and 

achievements, but when Christ saved him he found the freedom 

of new life that surpasses the thrill and excitement of any fighter 

jet he’s ever flown. His testimony is one of turning from his own 

abilities and confidence in himself, and putting his trust and faith 

in Jesus Christ alone.

Jason received his undergraduate degree at Penn State 

University, where he met his wife Sherri. The Pratts have three 

children, and are currently stationed in southern California.

Jason was a self proclaimed and devout atheist until the age of 26. 

He now devotes as much time as possible to the Lord’s service, by 

assisting the chaplains in his commands, volunteering at his church 

and speaking at churches and Christian conferences, encouraging 

believers to be informed by Scripture, bold in their faith and 

courageous in witnessing.

Jason’s Most Requested Talks:

A Rocket Scientist Debunks Evolution

Testimony of a Backslidden Atheist

Biblical Blueprints for Building Godly Men

Truth or Lies? Principles for Biblical Discernment