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Crosstalk: October 27, 2017

​​You may have heard news accounts of lawsuits against Christian bakers who've been asked to use their talents to do something that violates their conscience and the Word of God. There's even been a news account of a baker receiving a strange request to make a cake celebrating Satan's birthday.

It's incidents like these that highlight the ever-increasing intolerance of Christianity in society today, an intolerance that was predicted centuries ago by the apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3. These are not just isolated incidents as Jim proved by providing listeners with the following news stories:

--A Christian printer in Britain reportedly refused to print business cards for a transgender diversity expert claiming that fulfilling the order would go against his religious views.

--A U.S. Appeals Court has ordered the removal of a 1925 memorial honoring the dead from WWI merely because it's in the shape of a cross.

--The Ninth Circuit Court found a 29 foot memorial cross in San Diego unconstitutional.

--A North Carolina veterans memorial was not only removed, but in fear of an expensive lawsuit, the city banned private citizens from flying religious flags at the memorial.

--A decorated Air Force colonel may have his career upended because a subordinate wanted the colonel's signature approval on a spouse appreciation certificate. The colonel couldn't sign it in good conscience because the certificate was for a spouse of the same-sex.

--Fighting for its right to say prayers over a loudspeaker before games, a Christian school in Tampa, Florida, locked into a legal battle with the Florida High School Athletic Association after reportedly asking if the football team could use the stadium loudspeaker to broadcast a pregame prayer before a state championship against a Christian rival.

--Students at a Massachusetts high school pretended to be Muslims in the Islamic city of Jerusalem as part of a class assignment about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

--Nestle removes the Christian cross from Greek yogurt packaging, joining a growing trend in Europe to abolish Christian imagery to avoid offending the sensibilities of others.

--Bernie Sanders blasts President Trump's nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget over a religious posting.

This is just a sample of the stories Jim presented that were followed up by comments from Crosstalk listeners.​

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