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Crosstalk: May 25, 2018

Brad Mattes, president and CEO of Life Issues Institute, was the guest on Crosstalk Monday. He noted that President Trump would be speaking Tuesday evening at the pro-life gala of the Susan B. Anthony List.

Jim quoted Brad as having said the following: 'In 43 years of pro-life advocacy I have never seen such momentum and advancement on behalf of innocent human life that I've witnessed since President Donald Trump has taken office. He's been a steadfast and unwavering champion for the unborn, demonstrating a deep commitment to saving babies and caring for mothers. Pro-life history was made as President Trump became the first president of the United States to address a pro-life gathering in person.'

This broadcast consisted of audio featuring much of what the president said at the gala, comments that included a review of what his administration has done and is doing, not just in the area of pro-life, but in other areas as well.

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