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Crosstalk: May 21, 2018

The headlines were many and they came fast as Jim presented the following and more on this edition of our weekly 'round-up' program:

--As of broadcast time, least 9 people were said to be dead with 1 suspect in custody and another detained after a school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.
--Illinois school shooting foiled on Wednesday morning.
--Former Florida sheriff deputy slammed by President Trump for failing to confront a gunman at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School is reportedly receiving a lifetime, monthly pension of over $8,700 dollars.
--The U.S. embassy opened in Israel earlier this week. The nation is on high alert as her borders are threatened on all sides.
--Hamas terrorists achieved significant destruction only a half-mile from Israeli homes. They threw rocks and explosives, released fire-bomb kites into towns with swastikas on them, used children as shields and more. In spite of this, the media continues to claim that Palestinians are peacefully protesting while accusing Israel of being evil and destructive.
--Facebook was instructing Gaza Muslims to bring guns, knives and infiltrate/invade Israeli villages and kidnap people.
--Hamas had offered $100 to every rioter.
--Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Israel has a right to defend herself.
--MSNBC news reporter calls Gaza protesters, 'unarmed'.
--The U.N. accused Israel of using excessive force in repelling Gaza rioters attempting to break through Israel's security fence.
--Congresswoman Gwen Moore calls on Israeli Defense Forces to stop using deadly force against what she described as unarmed protesters.
--Turkey calls on all Islamic nations to review their ties to Israel to protest Israel's actions in defending herself.
--Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau instructed the Canadian ambassador to Israel to boycott the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.
--An Iranian group offered $100,000 to anyone who blows up the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem.
--Guatemala opened up a new embassy in Jerusalem.
--A group of Christians in the Netherlands celebrated Israel's 70th birthday by passing out 2,000 pieces of cake in front of the Hague.
--The 3 day March of Nations conference had a parade of over 3,000 Christians from 40 countries who filled the streets of Jerusalem to display their love of God and love of Israel on the Jewish state's 70th anniversary.
--Did President Trump really call immigrants 'animals'? 6 of the biggest news outlets in the U.S. carried that narrative but he was taken out of context. He was referring specifically to the MS-13 gang members known for violence and murder.
--Planned Parenthood condemns President Trump for not recognizing MS-13 members as people.
--President Trump enacts the 'Protect Life Rule' which will prevent Title X programs from conducting counseling or referring to abortions.

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