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Crosstalk: May 12, 2020

As you know, we are living in a time in which many are feeling great despair as a result of the Coronavirus. Furthermore, we are now being warned of a looming “mental health crisis” as so many are simply overwhelmed with distress, depression, despair and social isolationism. Sadly, there are even those who feel they just cannot take all of this any longer and are resorting to suicide. 

Last month, ABC News reported that calls to a US Helpline providing emergency help to people suffering from emotional distress had jumped by 891% – compared to the same time, one year ago. Calls like these are now soaring throughout the nation. If for no more reason than these, today’s CROSSTALK presents to offer Hope. Hope in the midst of trial. The Importance of Hope. But, what is it’s true source? 

Joining us to discuss this is Carl Kerby. Carl is the President & Founder of Reasons for Hope.  Prior to forming Reasons for Hope, he was a founding board member of Answers in Genesis and served there for 15 years.  He is co-creator and host for the video series, “Weapons of Mass Instruction” and presenter of the DVD series for teens, “Demolishing Strongholds” and presenter on the “Becoming Bold” DVD series for teens and adults.  He is also a sought after speaker for conferences and has authored numerous books.

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