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Crosstalk: March 9, 2015

The following is a list of stories from various news services as presented by Vic Eliason for listener consideration and comment: --A group of boys reenact burning of Jordanian pilot by burning 10 year old boy. --Kurdish woman tricked by ISIS into eating the flesh of her own son. --Elite video by fighters from the so-called Iraqi militia execute an 11 year old boy in a province in Iraq. --Western youth are being inspired by ISIS to travel to Syria to join in conflict. --Child sex scandal council hires radical Muslim group to mentor potential abusers from the Muslim community. --ABC makes TV history by showing a same-sex teen kiss. --Scientists grow kidneys of aborted babies in animals so that they can be made available for patients. --Colorado Democrats kill a pro-life bill that would have made sure that babies who survive failed abortions would receive adequate medical care and attention. --Woman sues abortionist because the act failed to kill her disabled son. --New group wants to put Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger's face on the 20 dollar bill replacing Andrew Jackson. --Presumed consent bill in Vermont would grant the government ownership of your organs for donation. --Hillary Clinton embroiled in e-mail controversy. --Pastor drops wife off at abortion clinic in South Alabama.

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