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Crosstalk: March 29, 2019

Crosstalk topics can seem pretty heavy at times. There have been programs discussing matters pertaining to China, Russia, North Korea and Israel. There’s the Equality Act and the push by many to normalize LGBT lifestyles and the effect this is having in schools and on corporate America. We’ve also presented programs dealing with shootings, healthcare concerns, Christian persecution, interfaith dialogue, abortion, infanticide, one-world religion, globalism, the rise of socialism and much more.

Without a proper perspective it can be easy to become discouraged and fearful as we hear such news and act as though God is wringing His hands in heaven wondering if he should call an emergency session.

God is not surprised by any of this. Jim proved the point as he quoted verses from Isaiah, Timothy, Psalms, Zephaniah and Joshua. Such verses show us that we can rest in the sovereignty of God. His plan will not be thwarted. It will come to pass.

With that said, it was time for a mental ‘reboot’ as a reminder to keep our eyes on the Lord as He is involved in the affairs of men, not just on the world and national levels, but in our individual lives as well. To help do that, Jim asked listeners to call in and finish the phrase, ‘Today I’m praising the Lord for…’


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