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Crosstalk: March 21, 2019

This broadcast took a look at how the ‘movers and shakers’ that promote the LGBTQ agenda are focused on our youth, starting as young as pre-school.  Some items discussed included:

–Libraries are actually seeking out ‘drag queens’ to influence children.  In response to this, Jim re-aired a clip of Dylan Pontiff. Dylan spoke at the Lafayette City Parish Council in Louisiana where he talked about grooming the next generation.

–Harvey Milk ‘Gay Day’ is targeting children in California through aggressive brainwashing in both classroom and school assemblies.  It’s being done to children as young as 5 years of age with no advance notification and no parental permission.

–A school district in Oregon is being sued after a teacher repeatedly grilled an 8 year old student about whether he thought he’s a girl.  He was given videos to watch on transgenderism as well as being provided instructional books.

–A school for children was to hold their first pride and liberation event May 13th with mini lessons and activities for K-8 students.

–Converse tennis shoes is introducing their annual pride collection; rainbow-themed shoes for men, women and children.  The company has hired a supposed 10 year old ‘drag kid’ named ‘Desmond’ who recently gained public attention by dancing at an adult club while gay men threw money at him.  

–The Central Park School for Children in North Carolina, using a ‘drag queen’ who believes that everyone who feels uncomfortable around a ‘drag queen’ is a bigot.

Other stories were noted as well, but some stand out due to the fact that they potentially impact every TV viewing household in America.  In this category, examples included:

–One week ago, the season premiere episode of ‘Arthur’, the popular PBS animated show for children 4-8, dealt with a same-sex wedding.

–Last summer, the Cartoon Network program ‘Steven Universe’ depicted a same-sex wedding in which the main character officiated the nuptials of two female characters.

–The Cartoon Network program ‘Adventure Time’ established a same-sex relationship of two main characters.

Jim presented much more on this subject so that you can protect your children and family.  Hear it all when you review this vital Crosstalk broadcast.


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