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Crosstalk: March 1, 2019

We live in a time when there’s a great clash of values and worldviews taking place. The contrast between the sides is best summed up this way: One side seeks to attack faith in God, the other is earnestly contending for the faith.

Joining Jim to discuss this contrast was Rob Pue. Rob is the editor and publisher of Wisconsin Christian News and speaker on the weekly program, ‘From the Editor’s Desk.’

Rob began by noting that he sees the worldview clash in just about every sector of the culture that you can point to. He’s amazed by the speed at which this has happened. On the speed issue, Rob pointed to the Obama administration and their impact of fundamentally transforming America. This was the worldview that was pushed on young people by media, government and even the churches.

Rob believes the battle is becoming more intense as time goes on. For him it comes down to remembering our history and remembering God. He points to Deuteronomy 28. That was the last writing of Moses before he died and the Israelites moved into the promised land. Moses put forth the most important things the people needed to remember and one of those was God’s holy law.

In Judges chapter 2, it notes that a generation was gathered unto their fathers and another generation arose that knew not the Lord or those works that God did for Israel. Are we seeing that play out today in America? Rob feels it’s no different today as there’s nothing new under the sun. He quoted the Scripture that tells of God sending curses, confusion and rebuke in everything you put your hand to, and if we’re not a nation of confusion, he’s not sure what to call it.

Rob contends we’re about 2 or possibly 3 generations away from a time when people took God seriously. He’s coming up on the 20th anniversary of publishing Wisconsin Christian News. It started about the time the ‘seeker friendly’ and ’emergent’ church movements began and we can see what’s happened to the culture. However, even then, people had very little time for the things of God. The result is that now we have children that don’t know anything as they haven’t been brought up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

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