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Crosstalk: July 16, 2018

he following is a partial list of stories Jim highlighted on this edition of the weekly 'round-up'.

--A federal grand jury has indicted 12 Russian intelligence officers for allegedly hacking e-mails from the Hillary Clinton campaign and Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential election.
--Agent Peter Strzok testified publicly for the first time since being removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's team.
--NATO secretary agrees with President Trump on spending issues as the president calls out NATO nations for the U.S. funding the major portion of NATO.
--The executive director of the open borders organization, 'Muslim Advocates', is asking Senate Democrats and Republicans to stop President Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.
--Chuck Schumer believes Senate Democrats can successfully orchestrate the rejection of Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.
--MSNBC host suggests that Supreme Court justices should rule based upon poll numbers.
--President Trump and his wife Melania joined Queen Elizabeth II in an official greeting ceremony at Windsor Castle today.
--Protesters took to the streets regarding President Trump's 3 day visit to England.
--The Trump administration announced a package of tariffs targeting Chinese exports at roughly 200 billion dollars.
--A Chinese state run aircraft and missile manufacturer linked to military programs and past espionage is attempting to purchase interest in major U.S. aircraft manufacturers.
--China will not get control of the port of Long Beach.
--Israel was ranked as the 8th most powerful nation in the world.
--Random House is dropping an Islamic book from a controversial German author.
--Capitol Hill lawmakers are renewing a years-long push to designate the international Muslim Brotherhood organization as a terrorist organization due to its support for terror organizations that threaten U.S. security interests across the world.
--The first Arab-American is sworn in as the mayor of Paterson, New Jersey.
--Italy has witnessed a drop in new migrant arrivals in 2018.
--Biometric ticketing coming to Major League Baseball.
--The University of Kansas removed an American flag that was desecrated to protest President Trump and his policy on border security.
--An Indiana church was evicted because of a sign that read, 'LGBTQ is a hate crime against God'.
--In order to gain acceptance within the LGBTQ community, pedophiles are now rebranding themselves as M.A.P.'s (Minor Attracted Persons).

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