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Crosstalk: January 14, 2019

After a three month disappearance, Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs found alive! That headline brought much joy to our nation in the late hours of Thursday night and was clearly the “lead story” on today’s Crosstalk News Round up. Other headlines include:

  • President Trump walks out of a White House meeting on Wednesday which concerned the partial government shut down
  • Some democrats said to be “cracking” on their border wall position
  • President Trump cancels trip to Davos summit (cites Democrat “intransigence” on border security)
  • White House directs Army Corps of Engineers to look at ways to fund border security
  • Wisconsin US Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner reintroduces Build Wall Act
  • A Seattle TV station “doctors” video of President Trump’s first prime time speech on Tuesday
  • China has a supersonic nuclear missle which could reach America
  • The Pentagon moving forward on a Syria pullout
  • Brazil President eliminates LGBT Office on first day
  • Venezuela’s President (a Marxist) Inaugurated
  • Supreme Court: Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss more oral arguments
  • Pompeo rebukes “Age of self inflicted American shame” (during Obama era)

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