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Crosstalk: February 7, 2017

William Gheen is the president and spokesman of ALIPAC, Americans for Legal Immigration. He's an expert on topics such as immigration and border security. He's a contributor to 'The Hill' newspaper which reports on Congress, legislation and legislative issues.

William began by describing the problem we have with people who are either refugees or the immediate family of refugees that have caused problems in the U.S. and in Europe. President Trump hinted at this before the election was over when he commented regarding a ban on Muslims which he then revised to a comment on extreme vetting. Such action would be taken until we know what's going on.

William described the Obama administration as one that was very eager to pump as many people into our nation as possible with perspectives alien to our Constitution, way of life and values. Making matters worse is that ISIS admits they are exploiting the refugee resettlement programs to get their people into the West so that they can attack us and our families.

He believes there's a clear global, political alliance between the socialists backed by George Soros and his power brokers, along with the Islamo-fascist nations. Their agenda is to overthrow the existing political systems of the U.S. and Europe.

The Democrats and the socialists that are doing this are said to be turning these individuals into Democrat voters. In fact, it's estimated that over 80% of all illegal immigrants and Muslim refugees will vote Democrat. The only way to turn that in favor of the Republicans is to offer the refugees more taxpayer benefits and welfare than the Democrats do which isn't going to happen.

William believes that the reason the Soros socialists and the Islamo-fascists get along so well is because of their shared hatred of Christians, patriarchy, capitalism and the existing global status quo. This supersedes their fear of each other. In the final battle, each one believes they can take over the other side.

The other reason William believes they get along so well is because both groups are totalitarian. Shariah is a state religion with the Islamo-fascists and does not tolerate dissent. On the other hand, the socialist states in Europe aren't afraid to brand as 'haters' those who speak out about violence happening right in their own streets. They will take away your job, your children and even send police after you for simply posting your views on social media.

For the time being, the Republicans control the 3 branches of government. When you combine the immigration factor, the death rates among middle-age Caucasian Americans along with the Muslim birth rate, William believes it may be too late, even with President Trump's actions.

Some other factors that William discussed included:

The ruling from Federal Judge James Robart of Washington State concerning President Trump's executive order on immigration...Republicans backed by George Soros in 2016...Vice President Pence's view on the judge's decision...Why President Trump needs Jeff Sessions as attorney general...the status of sanctuary cities and the southern border wall...and much more.

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