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Crosstalk: February 4, 2020

Each year that passes, there is a dramatic increase in global Christian persecution.  Believers in Christ are being persecuted, imprisoned, and even killed.  There are also attacks against places of worship.  Since 1992, Open Doors USA has been ranking the worst 50 countries in the world known for persecution of Christians. To help us better understand where we are now (and where this is heading) is the President of Open Doors USA, David Curry. 

David will first refamiliarize us with this ministry. He will explain his “World Watch List” (since 1992). He will tell us how THIS YEAR’s list was compiled and explain the “Surge of Violence” inferred. David will talk China. The Social Credit System. How Christians are being arrested at Christian funeral services. How in North Korea (incidentally, #1 on the list) Christians are being starved, beaten, even on the verge of death for owning a Bible or verbalizing their faith. 

What can we here in the states do?  How can we help our brothers and sisters in Christ who are under such persecution?  How can we stay informed? 

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