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Crosstalk: February 19, 2019

On February 7th, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez introduced House Resolution 109, otherwise known as the Green New Deal. It has 68 co-sponsors in the House. On the same day, Senator Ed Markey introduced its Senate companion, Senate Resolution 59, which currently has 11 co-sponsors.

This proposal is so radical, that even the co-founder of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, called it a recipe for mass suicide and the most ridiculous scenario he’d ever heard.

In spite of that, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he’ll bring this up for a vote and that has brought outrage from Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Joining Jim to examine this issue was Alex Newman. Alex is an international freelance journalist, author, educator and consultant. His articles frequently appear in The New American. He also writes for Freedom Project Media.

What does this proposal include? Alex noted facets such as zero Co 2 emissions within 12 years, eliminating air travel, ending the eating of steaks, replacing every building in the nation, as well as economic security for those unwilling to work.

How might this restructure things in the U.S.? According to Alex it would completely eliminate our reliable energy sources which produce Co 2. From there it just gets crazier because eliminating Co 2 means you can’t have large living spaces, single family homes, as well as different types of land use.

What are the ties of this proposal to Agenda 21? How has Alexendria Ocasio Cortez developed her current stature? Is Co 2 a pollutant that needs to be reduced? If proponents want to eliminate all air travel, why don’t they lead by example?

Alex brings his experience and analysis to bear on these and other questions and Crosstalk listeners join the discussion as well.

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