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Crosstalk: February 15, 2019

The average home has 6-8 Bibles. Perhaps you’ve even wondered what you can do with old, used Bibles or Christian resources such as books or left over Sunday school materials or magazines from reliable Christian ministries.

The answer to that conundrum was provided by Jim’s guest, Jason Woolford. Jason is the executive director of Mission Cry/Christian Resources International.

Jason began by giving listeners a brief history of Mission Cry. It began 60 years ago with a junk dealer who collected paper. One day, when going through papers that he would recycle for money, he found a Bible. As a Christian, he didn’t want to throw a Bible out so he held on to it. Eventually he found more and before long, he had a box of Bibles.

Then he had the idea to send 2 boxes overseas, one to Africa and one to India because the average person in those parts of the world can’t afford a Bible. From that moment over the past 60 years, this ministry has been able to send nearly 350 million dollars worth of used Bibles and Christian books to over 173 nations around the world.

Jason encouraged listeners to go through their bookshelves and take those extra 6-8 Bibles and any other Christian books that they find, box them up, and send them to Mission Cry via Media Mail. Once they arrive at Mission Cry, the books go through a 7-sort process, get packaged/boxed, and then placed on big pallets. Once the pallet total is 10, they get placed on a sea container where the materials are sent to distribution points and to ministries that can get them released so that the Word of God gets distributed for free.

To find out how you can make good use of your used Bibles or perhaps even start a used Bible drive in your church, contact Mission Cry at the information listed below.

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